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Diablo Immortal Demon Gates – Location, How To Complete And Rewards

In Diablo Immortal's Realm of Damnation, you'll face Skarn's forces in a limited-time event, Demon Gate's locations. Here's how to complete the event and all the rewards.
Diablo Immortal Demon Gates – Location, How To Complete And Rewards

Diablo Immortal features eight vast and unique areas that players explore as they progress through the story quests. In pursuit of Worldstone shards, your journey comes to a brief halt after the Frozen Tundra, where you follow the trail of a Demon Lord to a hellish domain. The Realm of Damnation is an unforgiving location where you'll encounter his forces spawning from Demon Gates.

We detail what we know thus far about Demon Gates, including its lore, where to find them, and Achievements you can earn upon completing this event in Diablo Immortal.

What are Demon Gates in

Diablo Immortal?

The Realm of Damnation is the following location in Diablo Immortal's story quest that appears towards the end of the Frozen Tundra. As players follow a Demon Lord into this new location, you'll encounter his forces and fallen angels who can assist you in your journey.

The game features an array of "unique challenges" players can participate in, from story quests to Bounties. One new challenge you can attempt to challenge is located within the Realm of Damnation called the Demon Gates.

Skarn creates these demonic portals from another location in the Burning Hells, which his armies use. To close these portals, you'll need to face his armies and eliminate everyone until they close.

Diablo Immortal Demon Gates – How to complete 

Before participating in the Demon Gates event, it's worth mentioning that there is Level Requirement to gain access or progress further in this location. To start your next journey in the Realm of Damnation, you must have a Character Level Requirement of 56 and higher before completing the story quests, events, challenges, and more.

diablo immortal guide demon gates how to complete landscapes bones spiny trocks fiery core unforgiving
With a fiery core, bones and piercing rocks littering the area, Demon Gates is an unforgiving and terrifying area to explore. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Once you've met the Character Level Requirement, you can enter the new location filled with twisted hellish landscapes as you locate a Demon Gate. There are no set locations where you can find these portals, as they appear at random through the area.

As there is a limited amount of time when doing this challenge, you and your team will have to fight off waves of enemies whilst completing the objectives. These portals are only open at specific times; you can participate in this event three times a day to earn unique rewards.

Diablo Immortal Demon Gates – Rewards and Achievements

The Realm of Damnation has several rewards and  Achievements you can earn by meeting their objectives to earn Hilts as a reward. Some rewards you can earn include high rarity gear and Enchanted Dust with bonus rewards for completing three Demon Gates events.

diablo immortal guide demon gates achievements demon gate hilts rewards
There is an Achievement linked to the Demon Gates event that players can unlock upon completion to earn Hilts. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Aside from the rewards, there's only one Achievement specific to the Demon Gates, aptly named Demon Gate. Players must summon and defeat a demon at least three times to complete the objective is met to earn the  Achievement and net 60 Hilts for your sacrifice.

There are plenty of other activities to do once you're at the Realm of Damnation, including NPC quests and locating Bestiary pages until all of this fiery location has been explored. This, in turn, will award you with the Map Completion Achievement and 40 Hilts.

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