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Diablo Immortal Bounties - How They work, Location, Rewards, Tips

Bounties are a great way for players to earn Experience and Gold. Here's how to unlock and accept them, rewards and tips for Diablo Immortal.
Diablo Immortal Bounties - How They work, Location, Rewards, Tips

Diablo Immortal has unique gameplay activities for players to participate in that can yield incredible rewards. Bounties are one of the many in-game activities you can embark on when exploring the vast open-world or getting caught up in action inside dungeons.

These short-timed quests are similar to bounties in Diablo 3; they are a great way to earn experience and can be done relatively quickly. This guide details what are bounties, how to unlock them, where to find a bounty board, rewards and general tips to get you started in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Bounties – How to unlock and location

Diablo Immortal's Bounty system revolves around players accepting a mini-quest from a board which requires them to eliminate their targets if successfully found. To accept a Bounty, you'll need to head to the Palace Courtyard in Westmarch and complete Charsi's tutorial quest to unlock the Bounty system.

diablo immortal guide bounties how to unlock westmarch tutorial quest quesrtermaster npc bounty board
Complete the tutorial quest in Westmarch to gain access to the Quartermaster and the Bounty system. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

After completing the tutorial quest, find the Quartermaster NPC Derek beside the Bounty Board to accept a quest before returning to him. You can accept up to four Bounties at a time, but you can complete a maximum of eight Bounties per day.

In Diablo Immortal, there are two types of Bounties you can partake in: Bounties with a blue border have targets located in the open world, while Bounties with a green border are dungeon bounties. The dungeon bounties require more time and patience to complete, so if you're pressed for time, completing the open-world Bounties may be your best bet.

If there's a specific area or region you wish to avoid or you're not ready to explore, you can re-roll for different bounties. You can re-roll for bounties in other areas or locations a maximum of three times daily, for which what bounties you're left with must be completed.

diablo immortal guide bounties types green border dunegons
The green border Bounties have targets located within dungeons which require more time to complete. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

All Bounties are of the Normal difficulty before reaching the max level. Any Bounty you've accepted at max level must be completed on Hell 1 and higher difficulty; however, this doesn't affect the rewards you'll earn from the Bounty.

It's also worth mentioning that Bounties can be completed either solo or with your clan. Clan leaders can share their Bounties with the members by sharing them with the clan or by selecting a clan member's profile to share directly with them.

To preview the Bounty from your quest log, tap the preview window on the left side of your screen to view more information on the quest. You can use the auto-navigation feature to have you directly spawn at the Bounty location and direct you towards your targets.

Diablo Immortal Bounties – How to get Bounty Rewards

diablo immortal guide bounties bounty board interface ui accept bounties
You can accept up to four Bounties at a time and complete a maximum of eight Bounties daily. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

After completing a Bounty, you can travel back to Palace Courtyard in Westmarch and locate Quartermaster NPC Derek to obtain your rewards. Completing Bounties will net you Experience, which can come in handy for character progression or needing experience to progress in the game's campaign.

The Quartermaster will also reward you with Gold which can be used for upgrading your armour alongside a few upgrade materials. Each time you complete a Bounty will also earn you eight Battle Points which contribute towards the Battle Pass.

Furthermore, for every four Bounties you have turned in, the Quartermaster will award you a chest with more rewards, including Gold, materials, and more. Up to 24 Bounties completed can be done to be rewarded with a chest.

Diablo Immortal Bounties – Best Bounty tips

diablo immortal guide bounties tips party clan members
Team up with your clan members to complete Bounties faster. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

As we've outlined what Bounties are, how to unlock them, and their purposes and rewards, they are a few gameplay tips players can utilise when accepting and completing bounties. Your maximum limit of bounties you can accept will reset to eight every Monday, allowing you to accept new Bounties available on the board.

Do keep track of your Bounty tally to avoid having to rush through Bounties, especially on Sundays, as there's a chance other players are doing the same thing. Instead, include them as a part of your daily quest run or campaign progression, which can save you time from making trips to the exact location multiple times.

It's also advised to visit Quartermaster Derek after completing four Bounties as it gives you time to complete quests and other tasks. Additionally, this allows you to capitalise on the bonus rewards gained from completing four Bounties.

Lastly, complete them with your clan members to maximise time efficiency and advance your Bounty progression. Especially if Bounties are in the same area or region, this allows you to move quickly from one Bounty to the next before turning them to Quartermaster Derek.

In conclusion, Bounties are a great way for players to earn Experience, Gold, upgrade materials and Battle Points, which can help with character, Bounty and Battle Pass progression. While doing them solo can be rewarding, to maximise time, completing them in a group is the fastest way to finish them and can be a great social experience for all.

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