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Diablo Immortal Season 5 - All Changes & Improvements

Blizzard is making various changes and improvements to various Diablo Immortal systems for the release of Season 5, including the ability to trade Platinum for Crests.
Diablo Immortal Season 5 - All Changes & Improvements

Since launch, Diablo Immortal has had some negative feedback due to Legendary Crests and how you need to purchase them, mostly with real money, to get the best Legendary gems, thereby increasing your character's power. With Diablo Immortal Season 5, Blizzard is making some improvements and changes that many fans should be happy about.

This article focuses on the improvements and changes for Diablo Immortal Season 5, which will release on the 27th of September at 19:00 UTC. For those in the US, that's 28th September at 03:00 PDT. 

Diablo Immortal S5 Orb Bundle & Crest Improvements

Diablo Immortal Season 5 changes improvements updates legendary crests platinum eternal orb bundles price amount number
The new raid boss releasing with Diablo Immortal Season 5 looks quite frightening. (Picture: Blizzard)

Some gripes with Diablo Immortal's monetization system focus on the Eternal Orb bundles, where the amount received is just below the threshold to, for example, purchase two (2) Legendary Crests. Blizzard has rectified this with a change in Diablo Immortal Season 5.

Blizzard explains: "We made this change to the above Eternal Orb bundles based on player feedback that the 315 eternal Orbs bundle was short of being enough to purchase two Legendary Crests. Additionally, the 630 Eternal Orbs bundle was short of being enough to purchase four Legendary Crests."

The new Eternal Orb bundles and prices are:

  • The 315 Eternal Orbs bundle for USD $4.99 has been changed to 320 Eternal Orbs for USD $4.99.
  • The 630 Eternal Orbs bundle for USD $9.99 has been changed to 650 Eternal Orbs for USD $9.99.
Diablo Immortal Season 5 changes improvements updates legendary crests platinum eternal orb bundles price amount number
You can now purchase two Legendary Crests with the smallest Eternal Orbs bundle. (Picture: Blizzard)

Further, the developer wants to provide players with another way to spend their hard-earned Platinum. 

Again, those who don't like the Legendary Crest system might feel a bit underwhelmed but it is still a decent change.

When Diablo Immortal Season 5 launches, head to the Crest Merchant Jondo Mouren in Westmarch, where you can now purchase a Legendary Crest with Platinum and some Rare Crests each week.

  • Trade 1,600 platinum for one Legendary Crest. This can be done once a week.
  • Trade 200 Platinum for a Rare Crest. This can be done up to three times a week.

Now, onto some other improvements and changes in Diablo Immortal Season 5 focusing on events and gameplay systems.

Diablo Immortal Season 5 Gameplay Improvements

Diablo Immortal Season 5 changes improvements updates legendary crests platinum eternal orb bundles price amount number
Diablo Immortal's Season 5 battle pass is called Scions of the Storm. (Picture: Blizzard)

There are a few noteworthy gameplay and systems improvements in the Diablo Immortal Season 5 update. Check out these improvements below as per a post from Blizzard.

Warband Chest Legendary Items:

Legendary items acquired from Warband Chests can now have their essence transferred.

Immortal Reign Defend the Vault Improvements:

We are improving Immortal’s Defend the Vault experience by using a queueing system like how Shadows Raid the Vault. Players will now also be able to use the Find Party feature to be matched into four-player groups.

Corvus Expedition Variants:

The Corvus Expedition Immortal activities are gaining variants that can potentially activate during a run. This includes surprise challenges and twists on activities that are enhanced with additional rewards.

Evolving the Corvus Expedition, so each run feels unique is our goal for this feature. We not only want players to go on runs often but to feel a sense of challenge and variety as they do. This is the first of multiple improvements coming for Ruins of Corvus.

New Bestiary Entries:

We're adding over 20 new entries to the Horadric Bestiary to make gathering Monstrous Essence more rewarding and depict some of the familiar and new monsters that have emerged in Sanctuary. To see them, just keep conquering your enemies and unlocking pages.

Wynton’s Grand Market Adjustments:

  • The timeframe in which players can buy any items you have up for sale has been reduced from 12 hours to three hours.
  • The timeframe in which players can resell items they recently purchased has been reduced from seven to two days.

While you wait for Season 5 and the first major update to release, check out our video below discussing where Diablo Immortal fits into the franchise's timeline. 

Those are all the known changes and improvements arriving with Diablo Immortal Season 5. At the time of writing, no Season 5 bug fixes have been revealed, but we are sure there will be a few, as the game is not perfect.

For more on the iconic ARPG franchise, check out our section dedicated to Diablo guides, news, leaks, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Check out our video below, discussing Diablo Immortal's story and how the game fits into the franchise's timeline.

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