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Diablo Immortal Server List - All Regions And Languages

A complete list of all Diablo Immortal servers, from NA East, NA West, Europe, East Asia and more, also including servers for specific languages.
Diablo Immortal Server List - All Regions And Languages

Blizzard's all-new massively multiplayer online ARPG, Diablo Immortal, is launching on 2nd June 2022 for mobile and PC, featuring dozens of servers across the globe. If you are looking for a complete server list for Diablo Immortal, including languages and regions, we've got you covered.

Fighting the hordes of the Burning Hells is a mammoth task indeed but one of your first challenges will be to pick the best Diablo Immortal server for your region and language, so let's get started!

All Diablo Immortal servers - Regions & languages

Diablo Immortal server list all regions languages best servers
Diablo Immortal features dozens of servers across multiple regions in the world. (Picture: Blizzard)

There are a plethora of Diablo Immortal servers at launch. Prospective Nephalem will want to save the world of Sanctuary with the lowest ping possible, and maybe with others who speak the same native language.

The Diablo Immortal servers are broken down into 13 categories, from specific regions to languages. For example, there are six different European categories based on native language, which means you can join a French server if you like.

Diablo Immortal server list all regions languages best servers
Pick the correct server and region in Diablo Immortal to have the best PvP battlegrounds experience. (Picture: Blizzard)

Below, you will find a massive list of all the Diablo Immortal servers at launch. Check them all out below, starting with the NA East and NA West servers.

Note that both the North American server lists are English, just in case that wasn't clear.

Diablo Immortal NA West server list:

  • Caldesann
  • Kanai
  • Eternal Crown
  • Deckard Cain
  • Zoltun Kulle
  • Sand Scorpions
  • Stormshield
  • Old Growth
  • The Soulstones
  • Khalim's Will
  • The Gidbinn
  • Cult of Damnation
  • Purus the Decimator
  • Black Abyss
  • The Triune
  • Dry Steppes
  • Amber Blades
  • Halls of the Blind
  • Star of Azkaranth
  • Wailing Beast
  • Heart of the Oak
  • Crescent Moon
  • Call to Arms
  • Chains of Honor
  • Hand of Justice
  • Breath of the Dying
  • Pandemonium
  • Burning Hells
  • End of Days

Diablo Immortal NA East server list:

  • Sin War
  • Prime Evils
  • Tree of Inifuss
  • Soul Siphon
  • Sandro the Mouth
  • The Malus
  • Iceburn Tear
  • The Worldstone
  • Helliquary
  • Silver Spire
  • Plains of Despair
  • Arcane Sanctuary
  • The Curator
  • The Fallen
  • Risen Dead
  • Darkening of Tristram
  • Greed
  • The Last Vestige
  • Meshif
  • Ureh
  • Albrecht
  • Lysander
  • Wirt
  • Hadriel
  • Mask of Jeram
  • Arkaine's Valor
  • Doombringer
  • Town Portal
  • Eternal Conflict

Diablo Immortal Europe server list (English):

Diablo Immortal server list all regions languages best servers
Which Diablo Immortal class will you choose to start your journey in Sanctuary? (Picture: Blizzard)
  • Dark Exile
  • Arreat Summit
  • Sightless Eye
  • The Unspoken
  • Angiris Council
  • Blood Rose
  • The Countess
  • Talva Silvertongue
  • The Butcher
  • Stone of Jordan
  • The Void
  • Cathedral of Light
  • Archbishop Lazarus
  • Dark Wanderer
  • The Hellforge
  • The Ancients
  • Trade Consortium
  • Yshari Sanctum
  • Gharbad the Weak
  • The Borderlands
  • The Martyr
  • Sea of Light
  • Crystal Arch
  • Diamond Gates
  • Thorned Hulk
  • Wood Wraith
  • Oblivion Knight
  • Throne of Destruction
  • Stygian Fury

Diablo Immortal East Asia servers (Korean):

  • Rayek
  • Lethes
  • Tal Rasha
  • Tassi
  • Vataos
  • Daedessa
  • Askari
  • Kashya
  • Zaka
  • Sargoth
  • Namari
  • Ennead
  • Que-Hegan
  • Griswold
  • Harlequin Crest
  • Cydaea

Diablo Immortal East Asia servers (Japanese):

  • Ongori
  • Inarius
  • Fahir
  • Eskara
  • Lilith
  • Zov
  • Lakrii
  • Manoruk
  • Tyrael
  • Horadric Cube
  • Andariel
  • Zaim

Diablo Immortal South Amerca servers (Portuguese):

Diablo Immortal server list all regions languages best servers
Fight epic bosses with friends from the same Diablo Immortal server. (Picture: Blizzard)
  • Flavie
  • Akara
  • Asylla
  • Xul
  • Oza
  • Belial
  • Izilech
  • Jondo
  • Gorgothra
  • Elzix

Diablo Immortal South America servers (Spanish):

  • Mephisto
  • Rathma
  • Navair
  • Bul-Kathos
  • Viz-jaq'taar
  • Viz-Jun

Diablo Immortal Europe servers (French):

  • Skarn
  • Dravec
  • Charsi
  • Leoric
  • Ammuit
  • Esu

Diablo Immortal Europe servers (German):

  • El'Druin
  • Tabri
  • Vizjerei
  • Hemlir
  • Segithis
  • Akeba

Diablo Immortal Europe servers (Spanish):

  • Zatham
  • Fara

Diablo Immortal Europe servers (Italian):

  • Talus'ar
  • Sescheron

Diablo Immortal Europe servers (Polish):

  • Cathan
  • Itherael

Diablo Immortal Oceania servers (English):

  • Baal
  • Bloodsworn

What about Diablo Immortal Asia Pacific servers?

Diablo Immortal server list all regions languages best servers
Diablo Immortal will only release on 22nd June 2022 in many Asia Pacific countries. (Picture: Blizzard)

The Diablo Immortal release date and time for some Asia Pacific countries are 22nd June 2022 PDT. These include:

  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Macao
  • Malaysia
  • The Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand

It is also important to note that while Diablo Immortal will launch in Vietnam on 22nd June 2022 as well, this will only be for PC in Open Beta. These regions will receive dedicated game servers to bring players better connectivity and ping.

So there you have it, the complete server list for Diablo Immortal at launch as well as all languages and regions, expected to expand with more dedicated servers on 22nd June 2022.

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All featured images are courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Check out our video below, discussing Diablo Immortal's story and how the game fits into the franchise's timeline.

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