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Will Diablo Immortal release on Nintendo Switch?

Many Nintendo Switch fans have been wondering if Diablo Immortal will release on their favourite platform as the communication so far has been a bit confusing.
Will Diablo Immortal release on Nintendo Switch?

In a Diablo Immortal development update released in early August 2021, Blizzard Entertainment delayed the free-to-play mobile title to the "first half of 2022." Despite the delay, the hype around the game continues to build thanks to some exciting features, despite the infamous "don't you guys have phones" comment back in 2018 which didn't get things off to the best of starts...to say the least. If you don't like playing games on your phone and happen to own a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, then you might be wondering if Diablo Immortal will release on the device.

While Diablo Immortal does seem perfect for the Nintendo Switch, and the device does have a touch screen, there has been some confusing messaging about the game's prospects on Nintendo's current-gen console.

Diablo Immortal on Nintendo Switch?

Back at Blizzcon 2018 when Blizzard first unveiled Diablo Immortal to the world, fans asked Blizzard's Matthew Burger this burning question about Diablo Immortal on the Switch. During the Q&A session, Matthew Burger stated: "Yes, it’s also on the Switch. You’re right!"

Diablo Immortal release switch nintendo lite blizzard controller support
Matthew Burger doing a Q&A at Blizzcon 2018. (Picture: Blizzard)

Fast forward to 2019, where Lead Designer Wyatt Cheng took to Reddit in a post-Blizzcon 2019 thread.

In the post, Wyatt Cheng explained: "Switch is not currently planned but you're not alone in wanting that. This weekend I got a lot of requests for a Switch version. BlizzCon attendees also asked about iPad (Yes, definitely - and we actually had ~25 iPads on the show floor where people could try it out), controller support (we'll look into it but no promises), and support for casting the visual to a TV (we'll look into it)."

Diablo Immortal release switch nintendo lite blizzard controller support
Wyatt Cheng in 2019 not given fans a lot of hope. (Picture: Reddit)

While the developers could have changed their minds about Diablo Immortal on the Nintendo Switch after a year, it does seem a bit contradicting, right? 

Currently, Diablo Immortal is officially only planned for iOS and Android devices. While you could connect a controller to a mobile device if the game does get controller support, a recent statement from Blizzard in a development update gave some fans renewed hope.

The statement reads: "Your enthusiasm for wanting to play Diablo Immortal with a controller is coming; but we're still working through the challenges of adapting the touch screen controls to a controller seamlessly. Making our game more accessible is top of mind, and we’ll share more progress on this front as we approach the Beta in the future."

Diablo Immortal release switch nintendo lite blizzard controller support
Raids in Diablo Immortal look like a whole lot of fun! (Picture: Blizzard)

Controller support is, of course, not confirmation that Diablo Immortal will release on the Nintendo Switch. It does, however, give fans of Nintendo's console something to hope for. At the time of writing, however, it simply isn't 100% clear if Diablo Immortal will come to the Switch at launch, or at all.

It is important to note that since the Switch has touch controls, the game technically doesn't even need controller support...

We will endeavour to update this article once more concrete information becomes available. For now, if you plan to purchase a Switch solely for the prospect of playing Diablo Immortal, then we suggest you hang onto that wallet.

The good news for Diablo fans is that Diablo 2 Resurrected will release for the Nintendo Switch on 22nd September, alongside all other major platforms.

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