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The Top 10 Plays from PGL Bucharest

For those of you not completely glued to GINX, here are some highlights...
The Top 10 Plays from PGL Bucharest
Sixteen teams travelled to Romania to fight for the title at PGL’s Bucharest Major. There was plenty at stake, as the top four teams earned both qualifying points for TI8 and a handsome sum in prize money. The Major showcased a deep pool of highly competitive teams, and like any good event, had its share of upsets and surprises. The group stage's best-of-one Swiss format led to some tournament favorites – like OG – taking an early exit. The bottom eight finished out of the money entirely, not even getting a chance to play on the main stage. Throughout the playoffs, VGJ Thunder and Virtus.Pro crushed their opponents and it seemed like fate that they ended up meeting in the Grand Final. In the end, however, it was a one-sided affair, and after three dominating games, VP walked away with their third major title and their spot at The International 8 mathematically secured. The Bucharest Major gave us a thrilling week of Dota, with countless clutch moments sticking in the memory after the action had concluded. Here are some of the highlights.

10. Ddc is His Own Worst Enemy

There is nothing more disheartening in the world than being brought down by your own spell. Ramzes Morphling makes sure VGJ know who they’re dealing with as VP crush in game two of the Grand Finals.

9. EG Pushes Tobi to New Octaves

Evil Geniuses are down towers and barracks, but that doesn’t stop them from destroying Team Liquid in this high ground attempt. Their key kills on Miracle PL and Matumbaman Razor gave them the momentum they needed to crush Liquid and take a win in round two of the group stage.

8. Enigma forces Vici to feel the Pain

Pain Gaming dominate Vici Gaming with a huge Black Hole. Although the seven man wipe from Pain is impressive, the real highlight is Pain’s reaction after winning.

7. Misery Rocks Miracle’s World

EG may not have won this quarter final series, but in this game Misery showed us why EG belonged in the playoffs.

6. It’s The Perfect Fight - Just not for VGJ

VGJ had a great run for most of the tournament, until they met VP in the Grand Finals. No matter what they tried, they couldn’t seem to win a fight. Ancient Apparition hit key ice blasts for all of game three, making team fighting nearly impossible for VGJ.

5. VGJ Hold the Key to the Gatekeepers of China

Newbee are often the victors in China vs. China matchups, but not in this case. VGJ team wipe Newbee and claim the series, moving into the finals.

4. Teams Who Rampage Together Stay Together

In a true act of friendship, Virtus.Pro show us what amazing teammates they are to each other as Ramzes eventually claims the rampage. Despite their selfless not kill stealing plays, Optic Gaming did take the win in round one.

3. Mineski see the Kraken

Tidehunter makes a poor initiation target as he shrugs off the Reverse Polarity. Mineski can do little to recover the fight, and eventually lose in round one of the group stages to TNC.

2. Go Home Liquid, You’re Dead

In a tense game three that decides who will go to the grand finals, VP hold strong against the signature Liquid Veno. With this high ground defense, VP began to secure their lead and eventually the win. This win made VP sure to have enough points to be guaranteed a spot at TI8.

1. The One Rosh Fight to Rule Them All

It isn’t often that a group stage game is the game to watch of the tournament, but VG.J put on a show that no one should miss. This game saw a Gyro with three rapiers and an eventual VG.J comeback from being 30K down in networth, an almost unseen feat in the professional Dota scene.