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Marvel Snap Team Address Recent Card Changes In OTA Update

Second Dinner has come forward to discuss the mistrust in their community.
Marvel Snap Team Address Recent Card Changes In OTA Update

If you've been playing Marvel Snap recently, you will likely have heard that the community had not been happy with how card balance is being handled by Second Dinner. Many in the community felt as though overly powerful cards were being released (such as Elsa Bloodstone and Mobius M. Mobius) simply to sell them to the player base before having them nerfed several weeks later. 

Naturally, this has created a ton of unrest in the community, as players are now fearful of picking up the newest strong card with their Spotlight Caches or Collector's Tokens just to have it nerfed a week later. 

Players must spend scarce currency to obtain new cards. (Picture: Nuverse)

Second Dinner has released a statement addressing this issue along with the newest OTA update to the game. In this update, not only is the nerf to Mobius M. Mobius being adjusted, but Second Dinner has stated the reason behind their decision-making. The team goes on to say that several factors affected their balance process, including:

  • "Unusually and unexpectedly shortened development cycles"
  • "Multiple complex cards requiring additional time"
  • "Playtesting concurrent seasons in isolation for too long"
  • "Our internal metagame diverging from live"

They go on to state changes moving forward, which will hopefully rectify any issues. These are as follows:

  • "Season design starts 4 weeks earlier"
  • "Season Pass cards receive ~double their previous playtesting"
  • "Playtesting methodology keeping Seasons more mixed"
  • "Additional investment in personnel and resources for balance work"

The team continued to discuss the specific change to Mobius, which was arguably the catalyst for this mistrust. 

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