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Best Caiera Decks In Marvel Snap

These are the best Caiera decks you can use in Marvel Snap!
Best Caiera Decks In Marvel Snap

Caiera is a three-cost, four-power card in Marvel Snap with an Ongoing ability that prevents your one and six-cost cards from being destroyed. Caiera's ability can be very strong under the right circumstances and can protect your cards from prevalent threats like Killmonger and Shang-Chi. There are lots of decks that can benefit from having Caiera on the board, and this card alone may be the savior of a certain Pool 2 archetype we all know and love.

Best Caiera Decks In Marvel Snap

The best Caiera decks in Marvel Snap are, you guessed it, those that want to run a lot of one-cost cards or those that want to protect six-cost cards. It is important that the six-cost cards have nine or more power, as Shang-Chi will likely be the only thing able to destroy them (aside from niche cases like Kingpin and Gambit). 

Zoo Deck

Marvel Snap KaZar Card
Caiera works great in a zoo deck with Ka-Zar. (Picture: Nuverse)

Yes, thanks to Caiera, everyone's favorite Pool 2 is back on the menu. After exiting Pool 2 and joining the rest of the players in Marvel Snap, zoo decks typically do not perform very well. Killmonger is still a very popular tech card in a lot of decks, and if your entire archetype loses to a single card, you are bound to struggle. 

Thankfully, Caiera's Ongoing ability prevents your swarm of low-cost cards from being destroyed! It is even possible to play She-Hulk in a deck like this, which can also dodge Shang-Chi if you fail to draw your combo of Ka-Zar, Blue Marvel, and Onslaught. You can choose to double up your She-Hulks or try and win with one-cost cards. 

Zoo Deck List:

Human Torch Deck

Marvel Snap Human Torch Card
Use Caiera to protect one-cost cards like Human Torch. (Picture: Nuverse)

Human Torch move decks are very popular, provided Human Torch does not succumb to an untimely fate at the hands of an enemy Killmonger. Playing Human Torch alongside Caiera prevents this card from being destroyed by both Killmonger and Shang-Chi. This allows you to buff up your Human Torch to your heart's content before finishing the game.

Human Torch Deck List:

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