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Best Grandmaster Decks In Marvel Snap

These are some of the best Grandmaster decks in Marvel Snap.
Best Grandmaster Decks In Marvel Snap

Grandmaster is a two-cost, zero-power card in Marvel Snap. On reveal, Grandmaster will move a random On Reveal card at this location to the middle location before activating its ability for a second time. At first glance, this ability is incredibly powerful. Grandmaster is essentially a mini Odin that can be activated before the final turn of the game. Being able to activate an ability again for such a low energy cost has the potential to snowball games out of control.

Grandmaster is great in an On Reveal deck with Odin. (Picture: Nuverse)

Best Grandmaster Decks In Marvel Snap

The best Grandmaster decks in Marvel Snap are those with powerful On Reveal abilities that benefit from being activated a second time. Naturally, Grandmaster works exceptionally well in any kind of On Reveal deck. Dedicated On Reveal decks typically do not see a lot of play nowadays due to the overwhelming number of counters to them. Those running Wong see even less play for the same reason, but Grandmaster might be the catalyst to bringing this archetype back from the dead. 

On Reveal Deck

As mentioned, On Reveal decks, especially those with Wong, do not see much play at all. Typically, players will want to snap before playing Wong, as this is the turn before their big power play. Unfortunately, if your opponent has no answer to Wong, it is likely they will just retreat outright, leaving you with one or two cubes. Conversely, if they do have a counter for Wong (such as Cosmo) and snap you back, you will be left losing four to eight cubes because of this. On Reveal decks do not have great cube equity, but maybe Grandmaster can help get the ball rolling earlier by activating some effects and moving cards around to try and dodge Cosmo. 

On Reveal Deck List:

Grandmaster also works well with Darkhawk. (Picture: Nuverse)

Darkhawk Deck

Darkhawk decks are another archetype that benefits from activating On Reveal abilities multiple times. Specifically, the effects of Korg and Rock Slide will help add even more rocks to your opponent's deck in order to power up your Darkhawk. 

Darkhawk Deck List:

And these are the best Grandmaster decks in Marvel Snap!

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