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Best Zabu Decks In Marvel Snap

Here are the best Zabu decks in Marvel Snap guaranteed to earn you tons of cubes!
Best Zabu Decks In Marvel Snap

The Savage Land season of Marvel Snap is finally here and alongside several new Locations and some new Series cards, we have the new Season Pass card, Zabu. Zabu is a three-cost two-power card that has the powerful effect of reducing your four-cost cards by two. For anyone who knows how powerful Sera's ability to reduce your cards' cost by one is, imagine if this effect was doubled! 

Yes, Zabu only applies to four-cost cards, but the effect is still incredibly powerful, and Zabu is already making a name for itself as a meta-defining card. So, if you are interested in climbing the ranked ladder to Infinite using Zabu, look no further. This article will cover some of the best Zabu decks that you can play no matter what stage of the game you are at. 

Best Zabu Decks In Marvel Snap

Zabu is currently only available via the Season Pass, so players will have to spend a bit of money if they want to start using this card. However, once acquired, you are only limited by your imagination (and collection) when it comes to theory crafting. Naturally, the best cards to synergize with Zabu are four-cost cards. Depending on which Pool you are currently in, you will have access to different options. Let's take a look at some of the best Zabu decks for each pool in Marvel Snap. 

Best Pool 1 Zabu Decks

Being in Pool 1 is both a blessing and a curse. The curse is that you have very few cards to choose from. The blessing is that you are pretty much forced into using specific cards, so there is no need to theory craft. Here are a few good Zabu deck lists to try out in Pool 1:

Zabu Zoo Deck:

Zoo decks are great for early-game players. The tried and true combo of Ka-Zar, Blue Marvel, and Onslaught is very powerful, and Zabu helps you get strong cards like Jessica Jones out to flood the board as well. 

Best Pool 2 Zabu Decks

With access to a few more cards, your options in Pool 2 are certainly better but still somewhat limited. Similar archetypes can be used with Zabu but to greater effect in Pool 2. Check out some decklists below:

Zabu + Devil Dinosaur:

Early on, White Queen will be your go-to for powerful four-cost cards. Shang Chi is a great tech option, and Moon Girl synergizes well with Devil Dinosaur. America Chavez is also on this list to increase the odds of drawing Zabu early in the game. 

Strong Guy Discard + Zabu:

The idea with this deck is to dump your hand of low-cost cards as quickly as possible and buff them with Ka-Zar. Playing Zabu on turn three is ideal, and America Chavez again increases the odds of drawing it early. Then, on turn five, play Blade to get rid of any excess cards in your hand in order to play Chavez on turn six. This will give you an empty hand allowing Strong Guy to activate his effect. 

Darkhawk is a great card to use with Zabu. (Picture: Nuverse)

Best Pool 3 Zabu Decks

Pool 3 is where things really start to get interesting. With access to almost every card in the game, presumably, your options are only limited to your imagination. Here are some Pool 3 Zabu decks to try out:

Zabu + Sera:

Remember when we mentioned how powerful Sera is earlier? Well, why not try using her with Zabu? This deck is great for controlling the opponent while also filling their deck with rocks to power up your Darkhawk. 

And these are some of the best Zabu decks you can try out!

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