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Best Decks For Kamar Taj Location In Marvel Snap

These are the best decks for Kamar Taj location in Marvel Snap!
Best Decks For Kamar Taj Location In Marvel Snap

Kamar Taj is one of the most game-changing Locations in Marvel Snap. Kamar Taj will double the effects of all On Reveal cards played there. Essentially, players can think of Kamar Taj as "Wong - The Location." Things can get out of hand very quickly when Kamar Taj is in play, and it is important to capitalize on this location before your opponent can do so.

During any Featured or Hot location, players should switch up their strategy to take advantage of the increased location appearance rate. So, if you are ready to start dominating Kamar Taj Location, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the best decks for Kamar Taj Location in Marvel Snap, including key cards, strategies, and more!

Marvel Snap
Kamar Taj has the same effect as Wong. (Picture: Marvel Snap)

Kamar Taj Location Overview

Description: On Reveal effects happen twice at this location. 

The Best Decks For Kamar Taj Location In Marvel Snap

Thebest decks for Kamar Taj Location in Marvel Snap are, you guessed it, On Reveal decks! Decks that run a lot of powerful On Reveal effects will benefit from Kamar Taj immensely, without the threat of their Wong being disrupted by any number of counter cards. 

The Best Cards To Use With Kamar Taj Location In Marvel Snap

Here's a breakdown of 3 cards we look to use when trying to make the most of Luke's Bar Location in Marvel Snap:


Go hard or go home, right? Wong will double the doubling effect of Kamar Taj, making all of your On Reveal effects trigger a total of four times! When used with other cards that can boost a card's Ongoing power even further, things can get pretty crazy pretty quickly. 

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer is still a great card in today's meta but is certainly not as dominant as it used to be pre-nerf. However, when Kamar Taj is in play, Silver Surfer decks become a lot more powerful, even out scaling their potential from before Silver Surfer's nerf. 

Marvel Snap
Silver Surfer is a great card to play on Kamar Taj. (Picture: Nuverse)


Chances are, if Kamar Taj is a Hot Location, everyone, and their mother is going to be running some kind of On Reveal strategy. Cosmo shuts down these strategies outright, allowing you to pick up a few sneaky cubes from unsuspecting opponents. 

Players will want to take advantage of decks that include the above cards by playing classic On Reveal decks or control decks with Cosmo.

That's everything you need to know about the best decks for Kamar Taj Location in Marvel Snap!

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