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Marvel Snap Deadpool's Diner Game Mode Explained: Gameplay, Rewards, And More

Holy chimichungas! Deadpool is cooking up a feast for players in the latest season for Marvel Snap with a new game mode, Deadpool's Diner.
Marvel Snap Deadpool's Diner Game Mode Explained: Gameplay, Rewards, And More
(Picture: YouTube / Marvel Snap)

The forthcoming season for Marvel Snap will go live on 9th July 2024, which will see the iconic pairing of Deadpool and Wolverine team up once again for a brand new adventure. This will coincide with the upcoming premiere of Marvel Studios' Deadpool and Wolverine film, which will arrive in theatres globally from 26th July 2024, as the Merc with a Mouth will be hosting a limited-time game mode throughout this season.

Deadpool's Diner is the new game mode coming to Marvel Snap, in which Deadpool will serve its customers with delightful treats that they'll need to cough up. This guide breaks down what we know about this new limited-time game mode, Deadpool's Diner, including its gameplay, rewards, and more for Marvel Snap, Bub!

What Is The Deadpool's Diner Game Mode In Marvel Snap?

The new game mode arriving with "Maximum Effort" to Marvel Snap is called Deadpool's Diner, which was first revealed in the June 2024Roadmap, and it will be available in the forthcoming season as a crossover with Marvel Studios. This game mode is a limited-time event starting from the start of the Deadpool and Wolverine season in July 2024, which can be found by tapping the Game Modes tab at the bottom of the screen.

From the mode's UI, players will access its progression tracker, which features 15 mini-events called "plates." Players must complete each "plate" to earn a new event currency called Bubs and plenty of rewards before moving on to the next "plate."

The development concepts for the forthcoming game mode, Deadpool's Diner, reveal its UI design and progression tracker, to name a few. (Picture: Second Dinner)

While not confirmed, Second Diner isn't planning on making this game mode a permanent feature alongside Conquest mode. It's unclear when this mode will return to Marvel Snap, but based on its success, the general assumption is that it could see Deadpool's Diner reopen for business with revamped gameplay and more rewards at stake.

How Does Gameplay Work For Deadpool's Diner Game Mode In Marvel Snap?

As a new game mode for Marvel Snap, Deadpool's Diner functions quite similarly to the game's ranked mode, Conquest, but with a few differences. The core gameplay remains the same: players will battle it out in a 1v1 battle; however, the biggest difference is what they'll put on the line throughout the match.

In Conquest and Friendly Battles, players will wage Cubes, but for Deadpool's Diner, they'll put a new type of currency called Bubs, for which each game, they'll start with 240 Bubs. Each time they "Snap," they'll put more Bubs on the line from their pool, as players will have more Snaps in this mode than in Conquest and Friendly Battles.

According to multiple sources, these stakes are automatically doubled in the later turns, specifically Turns 4, 5, and 6, which hugely increases the stakes and the Bubs, of course. As for Bubs themselves, we'll explain this in a separate guide, but earning Bubs through these matches will count towards a progress tracker for each "plate," which helps unlock unique rewards available.

What Rewards Are Available For Deadpool's Diner Game Mode In Marvel Snap?

6687dd1ace041-Marvel Snap Cassandra Nova.png
Cassandra Nova will be the spotlighted rewards players can earn from the Deadpool's Diner game mode. (Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

The biggest aspect of Deadpool's Diner is the rewards players can earn by earning Bubs and progressing the tracker. Players will earn the Bubs accumulatively, so even if they bet all the Bubs in a match and lose, the Bubs will be counted and not lost, and they can still get the rewards from reaching various milestones.

The Menu Upgrades function similarly to milestones or checkpoints, as they have unique purposes when jumping into a match. While it's not confirmed what purposes these Menu Upgrades will have as of writing, it's been speculated that they can increase the stakes for a match depending on what the Menu Upgrade active is.

Some of the rewards that have been leaked thus far include Credits, cosmetic items like avatars, card borders, and one of the season's latest cards. Based on datamined information, Cassandra Nova can be unlocked by completing "plates" and earning Bubs, for which a specific number of Bubs are required to unlock the card.

Additionally, a Cassandra Nova variant card will be available to unlock similarly through Deadpool's Diner game mode; however, we will confirm these values as we approach the season's launch. It's worth noting that the Cassandra Nova base card will be available through the in-game Shop at the start of the August 2024 season should they be unsuccessful in acquiring it.

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