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[UPDATE] Marvel Snap Dev Second Dinner Under Fire Over Mishandling Of Gambit Variant Card

The artist behind the original Gambit variant card, which has come under fire, was fired from Marvel Comics following controversy over artwork featured in an X-Men comic.
[UPDATE] Marvel Snap Dev Second Dinner Under Fire Over Mishandling Of Gambit Variant Card
(Picture: Second Dinner & Tyler Kirkham / GINX)

Marvel Snap developer Second Dinner has come under fire once again by its community following the release of the latest patch update for the card battler game. The patch update, released alongside "The Celestials' Finest" season, addressed multiple adjustments and optimizations, including a Gambit variant card from a bundle they promoted and sold during the previous season.

The developer added a bundle deal in May 2024, "Dealing with Demons," featuring Shadow King and X-Men member Gambit; however, it caused controversy within the community and online over the latter's variant card. This debacle took over social media over the past few hours as players commented on the recent "switcheroo."

6th June 2024 Update: According to a screenshot posted by Marvel Snap content creator Bynx Plays, Second Dinner has increased the compensation to players who've purchased the "Dealing with Demons" bundle from 1,200 Gold to 8,000 Gold. The original reporting continues below.

According to multiple players, the Gambit variant card intended to be featured in the bundle was recently swapped without warning. The original card, whose Avatar design remained in the bundle, was replaced with the X-Men '97 #1 Tyler Kirkham Gambit variant detailed in the recent patch notes.

After being made aware of issues around the Gambit Variant in the "Dealing with Demons" bundle, we're swapping it out with the new X-Men '97 #1 Tyler Kirkham Gambit Variant. We greatly appreciate those who brought this to our attention, and we'll continue to work on improving our processes to ensure issues like these are few and far between.

Reportedly, the recent variant card change was due to the card artist making unfavorable political references in an X-Men comic made a few years ago, which resulted in the artist's firing by Marvel Comics. This caused chaos within the community, which spilled online as many players expressed their anger, citing that many had bought the bundle for the Gambit variant.

As such, many have felt that the developer went behind the players' backs to change the card without agency or consultation, which was infuriating. Regardless of the recent change of the Gambit variant card, many players have stated that the developer could've done a better job in recruiting artists to design the cards, and based on past incidents, some have even called this "the last straw" in supporting the game.

The developer provided an update through their Discord server, stating that players who've purchased the bundle will be compensated with 1,200 Gold, which according to a new update, has now been increased to 8,000 Gold due to the variant card change sent via the Inbox, but it appears that the Gambit card itself will remain with the new design. We'll continue to follow this trending news story and, as such, provide updates on the latest development regarding the "Dealing with Demons" Gambit variant card.

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