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Best Shadow King Decks In Marvel Snap

Here are the best Shadow King decks in Marvel Snap you can use to reach Infinite.
Best Shadow King Decks In Marvel Snap

Shadow King is the newest card to be added to Series 5 and has one of the most interesting effects seen of any card yet. On Reveal, Shadow King will set all other cards at that location to their original base stats. This means cards like Angela, Gamora, Star-Lord, and Rocket Raccoon will all lose their buffed stats if Shadow King is played. The same is true for any cards buffed by Silver Surfer or Ironheart, for example. 

While Shadow King does not negate the effect of Ongoing buffs such as Blue Marvel or Patriot, this Series 5 card certainly has a lot of potential to throw a spanner into the works of your opponent's game plan. So, now that this card is finally here, let's take a look at the best Shadow King decks in Marvel Snap!

Best Shadow King Decks In Marvel Snap

Shadow King is, first and foremost, a control card. Players will want to lure their opponent into buffing cards before playing Shadow King to ruin their game plan. Shadow King works best when used as a tech card used against opponents with buffed boards. Shadow King is by no means a win condition on its own and may not even be played in most games, depending on the opponent. However, when it is played effectively, it will likely have a huge impact on the state of the match. 

Shadow King Control Deck

As mentioned, Shadow King seeks to control your opponent's ever-expanding board state by shutting down buffed enemies. With that in mind, playing Shadow King in a standard control deck archetype seems like an obvious fit! Against enemies playing Blue Marvel or Patriot, Shadow King will likely be able to win you a lane all by itself (granted, you have some cards already in play at the Location). 

Shadow King Control Deck List:

Shadow King + Hazmat + Luke Cage Deck

A very popular deck that sees play at the moment is the Wong, Hazmat, Luke Cage combo deck. This deck seeks to reduce the power of every card on the board using Hazmat's On Reveal effect in conjunction with Wong and Mystique. Luke Cage then prevents all your units from having their stats lowered with his Ongoing effect. Shadow King performs a similar role here, but only to one lane and to both your and your opponent's cards. However, if your Luke Cage gets shut down by an Enchantress, Shadow King may just be able to save the day. 

Shadow King + Hazmat + Luke Cage Deck List:

Pair Shadow King with Wong, Hazmat, and Luke Cage for an unstoppable combo

Shadow King Cerebro 3 Deck

Shadow King, as a three-power card, could have great success in a Cerebro deck. Cerebro Three is certainly a lot less powerful than Cerebro Two at the moment, but perhaps Shadow King could be the card that pushes this more niche deck into higher prominence. Players will want to prioritize cards that are already three-power, while additions such as Iron Man work very well with supporting cards like Valkyrie.

Shadow King Cerebro 3 Deck:

And these are the best Shadow King decks in Marvel Snap!

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