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What Is The Infinity Split Card In Marvel Snap?

Learn more about the Infinity Split Card rarity and how it benefits your Collection Level when collecting and upgrading cards in Marvel Snap.
What Is The Infinity Split Card In Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap developers Second Dinner and Nuverse offer a great variety of cards featuring your favorite Marvel heroes and villains. Additionally, there are several variant editions from celebrated Marvel Comics artists to add to your collection; you can now view their details thanks to the latest game update.

The most convenient way to enhance your cards is by increasing their rarity to Infinity, from which you can split them to continue their progress. We're detailing what exactly is the Infinity Split and how to achieve it in Marvel Snap.

marvel snap card mechanic guide infinity split jessica jones collection
Each card in Marvel Snap has various Infinity Split rarities depending on its Background and Particle Effects. (Picture: Second Dinner & Nuverse)

What Is The Infinity Split Card Rarity In Marvel Snap?

Card splitting is an intriguing in-game mechanic whereby you can split your Hero card to increase your Collection Level once it reaches the Infinity rarity. This only occurs once you've upgraded your Hero card from Common to Infinity using Boosters and Credits, for which the card gains a unique visual effect.

This is commonly known as the Infinity Split, which creates a new version of the card rarity as the original or previous card will be maxed out. With the card's new base or variant rarity, you will start once again from Common to upgrade the card to reach Infinity again and split the card once more.

This applies to both Base and Variant versions of cards as Variant cards are independent of their Base version and thus can be upgraded separately. This rarity upgrade doesn't affect the card's power and unique buff as it's purely visual/cosmetic; however, the visual effects will be available to future variant versions of the card.

marvel snap card mechanic guide infinity split jessica jones effects
Infinity Split rarities come in two different types: Background and Particle Effects. (Picture: Second Dinner & Nuverse)

This means you can collect multiple variant versions of your favorite cards once it reaches Infinity and split the card to continue upgrading it. This process will get more challenging as you'll need to collect Boosters and spend Credits to upgrade them and add another variant to your collection.

What Are The Unique Infinity Split Card Effects In Marvel Snap?

A Marvel Snap datamining site, Marvel Snap Zone, gathered information on the card rarities of all effects available once the Infinity Split happens. There are four Background and four Particle effects that you can get throughout the game.

Background effects are the foiling type effect you can gain as it changes the background, either by altering the artwork or removing it. The four background effects available for Marvel Snap are Rainbow, Hexagon/Textured, Inkify, and Gold, which occur at specific split rates.

marvel snap card mechanic guide infinity split jessica jones rainbow foil background purple glimmer flare particle
This Jessica Jones Infinity Split card possesses a Rainbow Foil Background Effect and Purple Glimmer Flare Particle Effect. (Picture: Second Dinner & Nuverse)

Particle effects add a unique layer to the card on the top or around the background effects that only occur in digital card games but with a 3D quality. The four unique Particle effects available in Marvel Snap are Glimmer, Sparkle, Comic, and "Kirby Crackle," which are different colors and styles of these effects.

To know which effect/s your favorite card possesses, navigate to the Collection tab, which brings you to the deckbuilding mode. You can tap on an Infinity Split card from which you tap the "Base Card" banner to view the effect/s the card has.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Marvel Snap Zone for its complete walkthrough on Infinity Splits in Marvel Snap. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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