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Marvel Snap Leagues Competitive Event Explained

The competitive event type, Leagues, is coming soon to Marvel Snap, as selected players can playtest the event to earn Points and claim rewards.
Marvel Snap Leagues Competitive Event Explained
(Picture: Second Dinner)

Marvel Snap developer Second Dinner has begun playtests on a new in-game competitive event type, Leagues, which are currently available for selected regions. This new in-game experience will see players matched with other players closest to their skill and Collection Level (CL), and they must battle against each other to win Cubes and earn Points.

This in-game event was first revealed in the 2024 Roadmap, in which the developer stated that it would be developing alongside other event types. We've compiled all the information on the upcoming event type, Leagues, sourced from the official Marvel Snap Discord server, and we explained how Leagues work, gameplay, perks, rewards, and more.

What Is Leagues For Marvel Snap: Gameplay, Perks, Rewards Explained

Leagues is a new competitive in-game experience developer Second Dinner will soon be introduced to Marvel Snap. The new competitive mode, which allows players to compete against each other for a limited period, is currently available to selected players for playtesting in the European regions.

Players will compete for the top spots on the leaderboard and be rewarded based on their performance in matches during the limited-time event. They'll be placed in a League, playing alongside and against a group of players following the first game, which, from there, they can play as if competing in a Friendly Battle.

The difference when playing in a League is that while playing these limited-time matches, they'll accumulate League points, which are determined by the match outcomes. Essentially, this means that the more Cubes they win, the more Points they'll earn from matches, which, at the end of every League, players will be compensated with rewards based on their final standings.

Some of the rewards the best-ranked players on the leaderboard could earn include Boosters, Mystery Variants, and Spotlight Keys, to name a few. (Picture: Second Dinner)

The best-placed players on the Leagues leaderboard will receive the best rewards, which include Boosters, Mystery Variants, and Spotlight Keys, but during matches, they can utilize various perks to gain the upper hand against their opponents. Before entering a new game, players will have time to prepare themselves and their deck best by acquiring various perks from a dedicated shop.

There are Points Perk and Points Shield, which points Perk allows them to double their Points regardless of whether they win or lose for a limited time. However, Points Shield, when enabled, prevents them from dropping points when they lose matches for a limited time, and these perks can be bought using Gold.

As of this writing, the competitive event mode is ongoing playtesting in selected European regions; however, it has received some criticism from the Marvel Snap community. This is in response to the perks many players cited, such as pay-to-win (P2W), which could result in increased toxicity and more players spending money to gain these perks when competing in Leagues.

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