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Marvel Snap Season Pass (May 2023): All New Cards + Rewards

Here are all the Season Pass rewards for this month in Marvel Snap!
Marvel Snap Season Pass (May 2023): All New Cards + Rewards

The Season Pass is a great way to incentivize players to log in and play your game. By offering rewards for each new milestone hit, developers keep their player base high while players get tons of rewards. Marvel Snap is no exception; each month, it introduces a new Season Pass with unique rewards. The quantity and type of rewards you receive depend on whether you purchase the Premium Season Pass. However, all players will receive some rewards just by playing the game and leveling up the Season Pass. 

So, if you're debating whether or not to pick up the Premium Season Pass or just want a look at all the rewards you can get by leveling up the free Season Pass, we've got you covered. This article will cover all the rewards from levels 1-50 in Marvel Snap's Season Pass!

Marvel Snap Season Pass Rewards - June 2023

Marvel Snap
Players can earn tons of rewards via the Season Pass. (Picture: Nuverse)

Here is a list of all the Season Pass Rewards for the month of June 2023 - Spider-Versus.

  1. Ghost-Spider Card
  2. 100 Credits (Free)
  3. 25 Ghost-Spider Boosters
  4. 100 Gold (Free)
  5. 200 Credits (Free)
  6. 25 Ghost-Spider Boosters
  7. Mystery Variant
  8. 15 Boosters (Free)
  9. New Title
  10. 100 Credits (Free)
  11. 100 Gold
  12. New Avatar
  13. 200 Credits (Free)
  14. 30 Miles Morales Boosters
  15. 100 Gold
  16. 15 Boosters (Free)
  17. 100 Credits (Free)
  18. Miles Morales Variant
  19. 100 Gold (Free)
  20. 30 Miles Morales Boosters
  21. 15 Boosters (Free)
  22. Mystery Variant
  23. 200 Credits (Free)
  24. 15 Boosters (Free)
  25. New Card Back
  26. 200 Credits
  27. New Title (Free)
  28. 100 Credits (Free)
  29. 100 Gold
  30. New Avatar
  31. 200 Credits (Free)
  32. 30 Spider-Man Boosters
  33. 100 Gold
  34. Spider-Man Variant
  35. 200 Credits (Free)
  36. 30 Spider-Man Boosters
  37. 100 Gold
  38. 25 Boosters (Free)
  39. 100 Credits
  40. Mystery Variant
  41. 200 Credits (Free)
  42. 60 Ghost-Spider Boosters
  43. 200 Credits (Free)
  44. New Title
  45. 500 Credits (Free)
  46. Ghost-Spider Avatar
  47. Mystery Variant
  48. New Card Back (Free)
  49. 500 Gold
  50. Ghost-Spider Variant

You can also continue collecting mystery rewards from levels 50-550. All players can receive these bonus (50+) additional rewards for free regardless of whether they purchased the Premium Season Pass or not. 

What Is The Season Pass In Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap
Players can purchase the Premium Season Pass for even more rewards. (Picture: Nuverse)

The Season Pass in Marvel Snap is a way for players to earn rewards simply by logging in and playing. Over the span of a month, four weeks of missions will be periodically released. By completing these Chapters, players can earn Season Pass XP. You can also earn Season Pass XP by completing the Weekly Challenge missions. 

By earning XP, players can level up their Season Pass and collect rewards. It is also possible to spend money to upgrade to the Premium Season Pass for even more limited rewards. 

When Will The Season Pass Expire In Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap
Each season in Marvel Snap runs for about a month. (Picture: Nuverse)

Each season of Marvel Snap runs for about a month, and the Season Pass will expire at the end of the season. 

After this time, any incomplete milestones will be erased alongside unclaimed rewards. Make sure you complete the Season Pass as much as possible and claim all the rewards manually. 

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