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Marvel Snap Makes Big Series Drop, Card Acquisition Changes

Everything you need to know about the recent card acquisition and series drop changes in Marvel Snap!
Marvel Snap Makes Big Series Drop, Card Acquisition Changes

It was recently announced that the Marvel Snap card acquisition system would be undergoing several changes. Players have been crying out for quite some time that new card releases are hard to get excited about when Collector's Tokens are so rare, and there are still tons of other cards that they need to collect. Second Dinner unveiled their new roadmap for card acquisition in the future, including changes to the Series Drop and changes to the Series 3 card acquisition. Let's take a look!

Marvel Snap
Changes have been made to card acquisition and Series Drops. (Picture: Nuverse)

All Marvel Snap Card Acquisition Changes

Here are all the changes Second Dinner has outlined that will be coming to Marvel Snap.

Flexible Series Release

The first change which was more than welcomed is the introduction of Series releases. New cards will now no longer always be released into Series 5 but will instead be introduced into Series 5, Series 4, and Series 3 (with two new Series 4 cards coming in June.)

Dev Comment

We’ve heard many players express that releasing every new card in Series 5 is interfering with their ability to get excited about those releases. We don’t want you to feel pressured to wait for Series Drops in order to enjoy that content, and we’d like you to be able to play with more new cards each month. Our goal is to make all new card releases feel exciting, accessible, and impactful in MARVEL SNAP. In our future seasons, we’ll be experimenting with releasing some cards directly to Series 4 – starting with two cards released to Series 4 in June. We believe releasing some cards at lower Token cost will increase accessibility and excitement for new cards released each week. We’ll be listening to your feedback to find the right balance between Series 5 versus Series 4 card releases.

Flexible Series Drop

Unfortunately, it's one step forward and two steps back seemingly for Marvel Snap progress. Second Dinner also announced a flexible Series Drop. Previously cards would drop on a set schedule, now the developers will drop any cards they want or even not drop any cards at all if the meta looks "fun." Additionally, it has been stated that cards released into Series 5 could potentially drop straight to Series 3! 

Players use to be able to plan for Series Drops, but now there is no way of knowing. Cards like Knull and Darkhawk, which were supposed to drop in May, now may never drop! Also, it is much more of a gamble to buy a Series 5 card from the Token Shop, as it could drop to Series 3 in the next week.

Dev Comment

In addition to modifying the Release Series for some cards, we’ll also be taking a look at the Series Drop cadence for cards. Currently all cards are on the same schedule starting in Series 5, dropping to Series 4 and eventually Series 3. However, the reality is that not all cards are created equally appealing to players. Going forward, we’re going to exercise more flexibility in what cards drop series and when. Sometimes this means preserving the Series of a card, as is the case with Thanos and Galactus. Other times this means we may drop a card from Series 5 to Series 3 because we simply want more people to experiment with it. We may even skip a monthly series drop entirely when the meta looks fun and healthy. These decisions will be made on a card-by-card basis based on data and player feedback instead of applying a blanket rule to all cards. 

In our upcoming patch, we’re dropping more cards into Series 3 than we ever have before. In addition, some of our more impactful cards are staying in their current series for longer than expected. There are some fun cards in this drop, and we hope they inspire you to experiment with new decks!

Marvel Snap
Series Drops will now happen at random. (Picture: Nuverse)

Series 3 Card Acquisition 

The removal of Series 3 cards from the Token Shop was a huge blow for new players. Thankfully, Series 3 cards will be coming back to the Token Shop with a twist. Players can spend 1000 Tokens to purchase a random Series 3 card they don't own. 

Additionally, Weekend Missions are being introduced to give more rewards like Credits, Gold, and Tokens. 

Dev Comment (Card Acquisition):

In a previous patch, we made a few changes for Series 3 players that greatly increased their Token earn rate and introduced the free, seasonal Choose Your Card section. This made new card releases more accessible to these players and ultimately resulted in more cards being collected, but we’ve heard feedback that some players would still like the flexibility to use Tokens for Series 3 cards. In addition to the Choose Your Card section, we’re adding a new way to collect Series 3 cards. In our June patch, we’re updating the Token Shop to include a new section: Series 3 Mystery Card. This option will be available for 1,000 Tokens and can be purchased anytime you have enough Tokens and unowned Series 3 cards. 

Dev Comment (Weekend Missions):

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been making adjustments to increase the rate players are able to acquire Tokens. We think there are more improvements to be made here. In the next few patches, we’ll be introducing a couple more features that will reward more Tokens to more players. Our goal is that with these new features increasing the flow of Tokens, players will be able to purchase more new cards, more frequently! The first of these new features will be Weekend Missions.

Weekend Missions: Weekend Missions offer more goals and rewards for players, beyond their current Daily Missions and Weekly Missions. With the initial release of this feature, each weekend will have three Weekend Missions:

  • Win Games to Earn Credits

  • Win Games with Season Pass Card to Earn Gold

  • Win Games with Newly Released Card to Earn Tokens

Each of these reward amounts will vary depending on the difficulty of the mission. There will be Weekly Missions available for each new card release. Weekly Missions for a Newly Released Card are a great way to earn back Tokens with your new cards – essentially reducing the overall Token cost!

And that's everything you need to know about the card acquisition changes in Marvel Snap!

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