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Marvel Snap Patch Notes (3 November) - All New Features, Fixes & Balance Changes

The latest Marvel Snap update on 3 November introduces several changes: Titles, buffs to Wolfsbane and Dagger, and more!
Marvel Snap Patch Notes (3 November) - All New Features, Fixes & Balance Changes

Marvel Snap is dubbed the "fastest card battler in the multiverse" and has proven to be a rather addictive trading card game -- and we're beginning to see why! Following the latest major update, players can look forward to several exciting new content additions, balance changes, bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements in the Marvel Snap 3 November 2022 update.

Most striking is the introduction of the new Title feature, which will show beneath players' names on the Matchmaking screen, an update to Boosters, and functionality changes to two Marvel Snap cards: Wolfsbane and Dagger. Moreover, Daredevil is now available in Card Series 3, and it is now possible to get Nick Fury from the Random Pool. That said, here's everything in the latest Marvel Snap update on 3 November 2022.

Marvel Snap Patch Notes (3 November 2022)

marvel snap patch notes
The latest update to Marvel Snap includes several new content additions and quality-of-life enhancements. (Picture: Marvel)

The complete patch notes for Marvel Snap on 3 November 2022 are indicated below per the official Newslist.


  • Titles have been added to the reward pool for Collector’s Reserves on the Collection Level Track. In addition, Titles are now visible in the Matchmaking screen when you load into a match.

General Updates

  • Character logos have been added to Avatars within the Avatar Selection Menu to better understand who each avatar represents.
  • Boosters earned after a match will now favor cards with less than 20 owned Boosters.
  • [PC] Ability to resize gameplay window with default to 60FPS.

Art & Visual Effects

  • Foil and Prism Card Mods have been improved! The background art for cards with Foil and Prism Mods should now be more visible.
  • Card Upgrade sequence has been sped up, and the ability to “skip” mid-way through has been added.
  • Lots of additional visual polish and updates to the game user interface, buttons, game board, and more!!
  • Updated card visual effect for Magik to reflect her recent ability adjustment.
  • [PC] Added click and hover states for many buttons that did not have them.


  • New Location Sounds for:
    • Attilan
    • Muir Island
    • Nidavellir
    • Sewer System
    • The Nexus
    • The Peak
    • Tinkerer's Workshop

Marvel Snap Balance Updates

Card Updates

  • Updated functionality of Wolfsbane and Dagger to count unrevealed cards when determining their Power gains.
  • Daredevil is now available in Card Series 3 (the highest series currently available in Collector’s Reserve Boxes).
  • Nick Fury has been added to the Random Pool (it is now possible to get Nick Fury from “random” sources like X-Mansion and Agent 13).

Bug Fixes

  • [PC] Buttons on the Card Detail view no longer overlap in full-screen.
  • [PC] Fixed an issue that would cause location art to briefly show as the wrong location before it fully reveals.
  • [PC] Out of Time warning VFX now displays in the proper location.
  • Many updates to improve text for non-English languages
  • Multiple updates to text positioning/display in UI for non-English languages.
  • Switching languages with cards filtered out no longer causes all the cards to go missing.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause players to be unable to progress in the Upgrade tutorial when Hulk was picked as the first card to upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue that caused purchases to happen twice.
  • Jubilee no longer triggers “on play” effects for cards like Angela, Bishop, and Lockjaw when she pulls them from the deck.
  • Avatars are visible again in the second introductory mission.
  • Avatars should no longer need a restart or scene change to be visible in the Avatar select UI.
  • Attempting to matchmake without a full deck should now provide a warning message.
  • Mystery card icons in the Ranked reward UI no longer clip over their tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause card backs to disappear when scrolling through the deck selector.
  • The purchase buttons for variants in the shop no longer disappears when the shop refreshes.
  • Card labels no longer clip under the notch.
  • Tapping a variant you’ve already bought no longer has an overlapping ”Sold” message.
  • Made the Android “back” button functional on more screens.
  • Fixed an issue where some screens showed a small gap at the bottom on iOS.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause soft-locks in the tutorial if you rapidly switched scenes before the next tutorial step has loaded.
  • Creating multiple decks in rapid succession no longer causes the deck list to disappear.
  • Lowered the Carousel’s art so the Season Pass headers no longer clip under the Collection/Avatar UI elements.
  • Wong’s VFX should now move with the card if the card moves.
  • Mister Fantastic’s VFX now play properly when he, or the location he’s on, moves.
  • Fixed an issue with Deathlok’s VFX breaking.
  • The enemy’s active Warpath will no longer play its VFX when you drag a card out.
  • Uatu should no longer play VFX if he’s drawn after turn 3.
  • Fixed Strange Academy’s VFX when moving multiple cards on both sides of the board.
  • Tapping a Season Cache no longer displays a white square.
  • Fixed an issue where Asgard/Ronan combinations could cause Aw Snap errors.
  • Improved Sokovia’s text to be more readable on smaller devices.
  • Many many art fixes to cards and avatars.
  • Made some improvements to loading times for some device specs.
  • Fixed a rare case where players could get locked in the tutorial at the “Sentinel is waiting” part of the Deck Edit tutorial.

List of Known Issues

  • The splash screen art will briefly appear off-screen before snapping into place when launching the game on iOS.
  • It is possible to earn variants from caches/reserves that are also present in your shop, but the shop does not update to reflect you own that variant.
  • A brief flicker of duplicate UI appears when going to the Mission screen on app launch.
  • Miles Morales doesn’t get his cost reduced if a card is moved to a location after a Destroy card is played that would destroy the moved card.
  • Some languages have font that’s too large in some UI and can clip out of it, such as the reward claim button, card upgrade button, season pass headers, or inbox messages.
  • French VO can be too quiet.
  • The Shop can occasionally be empty for some players.
  • Undo Actions UI can be opened over the top of the Retreat UI and soft lock until you restart the client.
  • If you do not claim the Rank 5reward, the season roll does not properly occur for you.
  • The scroll bar scrolls the wrong way on the Title UI.
  • After Attilan activates, the middle location’s focused view displays a card preview instead of the location preview.
  • The Sort/Filter UI buttons are misplaced on some iOS devices.
  • It is possible to remove the wrong cards during the deck edit tutorial.
  • Certain card combinations with Bar Sinister can cause turns to go on too long.
  • Cards can take a long time to load their art when the shop refreshes.
  • Season Caches have no descriptive text when focused.
  • Some avatar logos can be hard to read.
  • The navigation bar can show up on screens that it should not, overlapping with the X to close button.
  • Season Cache icons cover the “Claimed” UI banner.
  • Card description information can disappear if you click Fast Upgrade cards, then any card in your collection.
  • Avatars can be selected under the currently-active avatar UI element.
  • The card description can slightly obscure the upgrade button after the upgrade flow.
  • At the start of the match, the End Turn button shows as 1/6, then 0/6 briefly before the first turn.
  • [PC] If you have more than five decks, you cannot scroll them properly in the main screen’s deck selector while in full-screen.
  • [PC] The Filter UI doesn’t display properly in full-screen.
  • [PC] The card back UI doesn’t display properly in full-screen.
  • [PC] Canceling Google login can cause a soft lock.
  • [PC] The Carousel can show mid-cycle when returning to the main screen.
  • [PC] Small cards are too low-resolution.
  • [PC] Opening Settings and changing the window size will cause the game window to move down.
  • [PC] Scrolling through the Season Cache rewards (51+ in Season Pass) does not animate properly.

That's everything in the latest Marvel Snap patch notes. For more information, visit the Newslist on the game's official website.

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Featured image courtesy of Nuverse / Marvel.

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