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Marvel Snap Twitch Drops (May 2024): How To Claim Rewards

Watch a Marvel Snap Twitch Drop-enabled live stream to earn unique rewards, such as boosters, credits, and variants. Here's how to do it.
Marvel Snap Twitch Drops (May 2024): How To Claim Rewards
(Picture: Second Dinner)

Marvel Snap developer Second Dinner unveiled a ton of new information at this year's Gamescom. Along with the release of the PC client, a dazzling new cinematic, and tons of free goodies for the player base, it was also announced that Twitch Drops will be coming to Marvel Snap.

Players will have a limited time to claim the currently available Twitch Drops, but it is important to know how to get them should new Drops become available! So, if you are curious to learn more, we have the answers you need. This article will cover everything you need to know about Marvel Snap Twitch Drops, including what they are, how to claim them, and more. 

All Marvel Snap Twitch Drops Rewards: Release Dates & Times

Second Dinner revealed in the latest season patch notes released on 7th May 2024 that a new wave of Twitch Drops will be available for Snappers to claim. According to the patch notes, players have between 7th and 15th May 2024 to link their accounts, tune into a Twitch Drop-enabled stream, and claim the rewards available for a limited time.

May 2024's Twitch Drops are themed on the X-Men '97 series on Disney+ which players can earn two Variant cards. (Picture: Second Dinner)

Like other popular games with Twitch Drops enabled, players can follow and watch their favorite or participating streamers who have them enabled to claim various rewards if they meet the requirements. These rewards will be forwarded to their in-game Inbox by tapping the News icon at the bottom right of the screen or in the top right corner.

However, in order to qualify to receive the Twitch Drops, they must sync their Marvel Snap and Twitch accounts and ensure their game is updated to the latest patch. For the new season, A Blink in Time, Marvel Snap is celebrating all things mutants in honor of the X-Men '97 series on Disney+ with themed Twitch Drops to claim, which we've detailed below:

  • Watch an eligible broadcast between 7th and 15th May 2024 to claim the following items:
    • Watch two hours of streams: 65 random Boosters
    • Watch four hours of streams: 350 Credits
    • Watch six hours of streams: Bishop and Minister Sinister X-Men '97 Variant cards.

How To Claim The Marvel Snap Twitch Drops?

Second Dinner has provided details on how players can claim Twitch Drops from an enabled livestream on its support page. Players can view the list of content creators participating in this limited-time event by viewing the Marvel Snap directory page on Twitch and looking for livestreams labeled with the Twitch Drops tag.

Players can claim their Twitch Drop rewards by loading the game on mobile or PC once they've earned them from an enabled Twitch livestream. (Picture: Second Dinner)

For viewers they'll need to follow the following steps to be able to claim the Twitch Drop rewards for Marvel Snap:

  1. Firstly, players must link their Twitch account to their Marvel Snap account, which can be done by accessing the Marvel Snap Twitch Drops page.
  2. Head to Twitch or follow the Marvel Snap Twitch Drops page link to start watching streams with Drops enabled. 
  3. Watch the required number of hours as stipulated above to meet the Twitch Drop requirements. 
  4. Claim your reward by navigating to their Twitch Drops Inventory page from their Account.
  5. Load Marvel Snap on their mobile device or PC, select the News icon at the top or bottom right of the screen, and tap the Inbox tab to find their Twitch Drop rewards.

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