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Bravado CSGO: "The next goal is to qualify for international events"

As South African CSGO team Bravado start their move to North America to compete against some of the world's elite Counter-Strike players, GINX Esports TV’s African esports correspondent Julia Robson caught up with the team to find out how the move was going. Briefly explain Project Destiny and the motive behind the move to NA Elusive: In short, Project Destiny is the initiative to move the Bravado CSGO team to North America to compete in their leagues/tournaments and to raise awareness of the South African esports scene and its players. Part one of Project Destiny saw the CSGO team top both the ESEA Main and MDL leagues in North America. The next goal is to progress into ESEA Pro League and to qualify for international events. What differences did the team experience in gameplay and lifestyle in the NA gaming scene versus RSA? E: The North American scene is a lot more populated than ours. The number of high tier teams to compete against cannot currently be matched by South Africa. All the MDL teams, from top to bottom, are incredibly strong, with highly skilled players. You need to give 100% for every game, or you will be punished for your mistakes. From a lifestyle perspective, living together in a house has been both challenging and rewarding. Finding a dynamic that works for the team outside of the game is extremely important. What was the hardest part of moving to the USA for the team? Fadey: I think the hardest parts when we moved to the USA was first of all the jet lag. It took us a while to adjust and then even when we had adjusted, was the realization that it actually became difficult for us to talk to our families and friends because of the difference in time zones... so obviously we began to miss our families and friends at home and feel homesick. But once we settled in, we didn't find it too difficult, after about two or three weeks we were ready and had, for the most part, overcome the moving transition period. So overall the hardest part when we first moved was adjusting. What was the highlight of being in the USA to play CSGO? JT: The dedication and work ethic of the other teams at all levels was much higher. Being able to practice all day every day and against some of the best in the world whether in scrims or in FPL was the brightest highlight for myself and the team in the USA. Winning MDL, even though small, was also a big highlight for us and also a look into the future of what we can achieve as a team. Sonic, how did you react to the news of being publicly voted as an all-star player? Sonic: It allows me to showcase my talents in an international squad and to bring some limelight to South Africa's CS scene! Even though it's just a 10 man you're amongst 9 other players who have lived and breathed CS for as long if not longer than you. So they have certain expectations when you play amongst them. It means a lot to me but I see it as I see every game, I'm here to prove myself and it's great exposure for Bravado. Returning to South Africa for a small break, what are the goals this time? Detrony: One of the biggest goals was to win the ESEA Main league which we accomplished in the first 3 months, then to win the ESEA MDL League which we did in the following 3 months. Fulfilling probably the main goal in the first 6 months, we also hoped to qualify for at least one international event through online qualifiers, which we haven't accomplished yet. I would say going into the next 6 months of Project Destiny, the main goals now will be win MDL again or be promoted to ESEA Pro League, qualify for an international event and improve our overall rank worldwide. What does a "day in the life" of a team member consist of? - Detrony D: I think it differs sometimes with some of us, but we try to be consistent and on the same page as much as possible, especially before and after team practice. A typical day in the life, in general, would be to wake up any time before 9am, have breakfast, gyming and being showered/ready in order to start team practice at 11am. From 11am we will typically have small breaks for lunch, snacks etc all the way up until at least 6pm. By this time, we will have accomplished at least 5-6 hours of solid team practice and in the evenings we will play official matches if there are any to be played, otherwise individual practice or gyming once again if skipped in the morning. What is next for Bravado CSGO? Andreas: You will have to wait and see.