CS:GO: The Top 5 M4A4 Skins

Win and look good doing it.
CS:GO: The Top 5 M4A4 Skins
The M4A4 is by far the most popular CS:GO CT rifle in competitive play. Weirdly, though, it has far fewer interesting skins than the underused A1-S. Many of the A4’s skins are just boring, but that does mean that the good ones really stand out.Where some of these lists were hard to whittle down, this one was pretty straightforward. The good news is that there are some real beauties here. It’s always good to have quality over quantity, right?

Five – Howl

HowlThe most expensive skin on this list by a mile and also the most controversial. In case you didn’t know, this skin was accepted into CS:GO before Valve realised the howling wolf in the artwork was stolen art. The skin was quickly withdrawn, but opened Howls were left in the inventories of those lucky few. Frankly, I think this skin is tacky as hell, but I couldn’t leave such a historic (not to mention pricey) skin off the list altogether. Own this and you own a piece of Counter-Strike history. Not a very good-looking part of it, but a piece nonetheless.


Four – Bullet Rain

Bullet RainThis pale blue/bright red combo really grabs your eyeballs and doesn’t let go. The 90’s platformer motif on the main body is delightful. Look at those pretty circle-pattern clouds, the “rain stripes” and the bullets themselves – very cool. The bug on the stock is cute, but it’s the actual bullet rain part that makes this skin a winner. Perfect for when you need to hold down that mouse button and hope for the best: spraying and praying never looked so good.

Three – Dragon King

Dragon KingPhew, that’s a lot of action. The Dragon King is the ultimate middle of the range M4A4 skin. Anyone who spends more than a couple of quid on skins will have owned one of these at some time. The background is a little garish and the dragon itself is a little lost in all the noise, but the overall effect is somehow quite appealing.

Two – Hellfire

HellfireThe A4’s answer to the AK-47 Neon Revolution, this fiery beast has a similar DIY, graffiti-style vibe. Its colours are more palatable, but you can see my point. Tongues of flame and skulls might scream “a 12 year old thought this was cool,” but I think the cartoon styling makes it work. Look at that little devil guy: how can you not love him?

One – Asiimov

AsiimovThe retro sci-fi look just really works on guns, apparently. Despite being unavailable above Field Tested quality, this skins still rocks it. The wear only adds to the aesthetic, improving on the original intention rather than subtracting from it. It’s bright, it’s bold, and it’s deceptively simplistic. It stands out from the majority of drab M4 skins  without being as much of an eyesore as some of the others, meeting both styles dead in the middle with great effect.

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