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Dreamhack Austin

In the first weekend of June, esports fans and players will congregate at the Austin Convention Center for Dreamhack Austin, an event that will play host to major tournaments for CS:GO, PUBG, Hearthstone and Starcraft 2.


PUBG stands out as the surprise inclusion. But with a $100,000 prizepool, no one could accuse Dreamhack of taking any half-measures with the hit battle royale. Of course, this tournament was organised before Fortnite’s recent $100 million splurge into esports was announced, which certainly adds an element of pressure on PUBG to prove itself as a compelling competitive game. PUBG Teams DH Austin Sixteen teams will take part in that tournament: 11 determined by invites from regional qualifiers, with the remaining 5 to be decided by a BYOC qualifier at the event itself.


It’s a $100,000 prizepool for CS:GO at Austin. A large sum, although not quite as large as some of the prize pools we’ve become used to seeing for Counter Strike tournaments. This slightly smaller prizepool, plus the lack of association with the Valve-endorsed Majors, probably explains why the very largest teams – like FaZe and Astralis – are absent from proceedings. With that said, the invited teams are still certainly no slouches. Heroic and Space Soldiers stand out as the favourites of the pack, with the former expected to make an impression on Group A and the latter Group B. [table id=13 /] Groups will play out on the Friday and Saturday, followed by the semi finals and grand final on Sunday. Knockout brackets will also be added once they are determined.


Like a lot of the big Hearthstone events, Dreamhack Austin follows an open swiss format. This means anyone can enter and play, with the top cut determined by the best scores after two days of swiss play. The tournament is also a tour stop on the Hearthstone pro tour, with the top 32 players earning HCT points which will count towards qualification for regional prelims, the first step on the road to the Hearthstone World Championships. You’ll be able to watch both the swiss stage and the top cut on the official DreamhackHS Twitch channel. We’ll also have the brackets for you on this page as soon as they’re confirmed, which we’ll be updating as the tournament progresses.