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ESL One and EPL Change VAC Ban Ruling


sparked fury from pro players and fans last night after they made a controversial change relating to their rules regarding VAC banned players. Players who have been caught by the Valve Anti Cheat system (VAC) will still be barred from competing in ESL's premier events, but only if the ban occurred less than two years ago. The new rule will come into effect for the upcoming IEM Sydney event. The rule will take effect for every ESL event moving forward, including the next season of the ESL Pro League. Most notably, this means former Titan player Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian will be allowed to play at the top level once again. The player was banned from competitive play late in 2014, after it was found he had been using an aim related cheat. He is still the highest profile player to receive a VAC ban. KQLY is most famous for his jump shot at ESL One Cologne 2014. The debate goes on as to whether or not he was using cheats here, an it if effected the shot Other fairly high profile names that could make a comeback after the changes include; Joel "Emilio" Mako, Gordon "sf" Giry, and ANil "cLy" Gulec. Players caught match fixing, most notably the former IBuyPower lineup, will not be effected by this rule, and remain banned from competitive play. Pro players took to social media to express their distaste for the new rule.

ESL released their own clarification for the update to the rules here