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New Map 'Canals' Added in CS:GO Update

Valve released a 420mb update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive last night, which included minor changes to current maps, a brand new case with new skins, and perhaps most interestingly, a brand new map. Canals is publicly available as part of the reserve map pool. It won't be implemented into competitive play just yet, though it is available to all in matchmaking already. It is unclear as to whether or not Valve intends to bring Canals into competitive play in the future, though it's safe to say it would be completely different to what we've seen revently in CS:GO. The narrow paths, multitude of angles, and variety of way to traverse the map is a step away from the usual 'A site, B site, and mid.' canals03_A

The 'A' bombsite in Canals

reactions to the new map have been mixed, as various pro players explored Canals on their personal streams last night. Cloud9 player Shroud called it "weird" as he attempted to figure out how each side would line up across the map. Not long after, Shroud and friends also managed to find a boost spot that allowed you to get onto the roof and subsequently skywalk around the map. This will undoubtedly be fixed, but as with every new map release, it is exciting to see what can be found.

To check out the rest of the screenshots with more information regarding Canals, check out the official Valve blog post.

Along with Canals, this update has brought along a gameplay enhancement some players have been clamouring after for quite some time. You can now see all the equipment your team has, as well as their location, beyond the first 15 seconds of the round. This makes it easier to play around the rest of your team, as well as eliminating the need to ask teammates if they have certain grenades or weapons.


reddit user Pat2424 demonstrates the new '+cl_show_team_equipment'

Finally, it wouldn't be a CS:GO update without brand new cases and skins to spend your money on. The Spectrum case is available to purchase and includes the Covert AK-47 Bloodsport and Neo-Noir USP-S. The rare item in the case is a mixture of Chroma's for the second generation of knives.