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Server Issues plague ESL Pro League

It was a disastrous night for the ESL Pro League yesterday as matches were struck by server issues, forcing some games to go on for hours, with some teams being forced to forfeit before the issues could be resolved.

Medic is the term used to refer to admins restoring the match to a state prior to the server malfunction. Perhaps the most egregious example was Cloud9's match against Misfits. The game was deep into overtime, with Misfits leading 24-23, Misfits looked set to secure match point in a 4v1 situation with only 10 seconds left in the round. With Cloud 9's Jordan "N0thing" Gilbert alone against 4 and no time to work with, the server went down. The problems didn't stop there though, as two hours later the game had still not resumed. Safe to say, the players were not pleased with the situation.

Eventually the the teams played out the remainder of the game off-stream, with Misfits coming out on top. Cloud9 had been playing the match with a stand-in after AWPer Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham was hospitalized. Elsewhere, Team Liquid forfeited their match against Renegades. Liquid star player Jonathon "Elige" Jablonowski took to Twitter to air his frustrations, the result of which was a scathing messsage to tournament organizers, ESL.

These issues are nothing new. Online leagues have been plagued by cancellations and delays since the dawn of esports, however recent issues effecting both Europe and North America has left fans with very low opinions of the ESL Pro League. Earlier this week multiple European teams had very similar issues with their Pro League matches.

It's been a rough few weeks for ESL. Though the CS:GO tournament ran smoothly, the League of Legends and Starcraft 2 tournaments at IEM Katowice also had network issues, forcing delays. ESL have their work cut out for them if they want to restore good relations with the players in their online leagues.