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SK Gaming & Its CS:GO Team Are No More

Following a bit of controversy, SK Gaming has announced that its CS:GO squad is disbanding and its players will be looking for other options for teams to play with. In a statement, SK Gaming revealed that it will not be renewing the players' contracts - which are due to end on the 30 June - following the recent departure of Jacob "Pimp" Winneche, Jacob left SK Gaming to join NA squad Team Liquid. The remaining four players will be looking for new opportunities, despite the achievements they had managed to claim as a team, most notably the recent qualification into the ESL Pro League and a second place finish in Season 9 of GEVO Gfinity. "I have rarely seen a team that deals with setbacks as good as this group of players," says SK Gaming's MD Alexander Müller. "The mentality they have shown during our time was really outstanding. "We worked together for over a year and decided it is best for both parties to try a different approach. I am sure all of the guys have a bright future in Counter-Strike and will find a new home soon." Though no further official information was provided, SK Gaming will be looking to find new hires for its CS:GO squad, so it's clear the company won't be backing out from the scene. This news isn't such a surprise, however. SK Gaming was recently caught amid a controversy as claims from Luminosity Gaming suggested that SK had been poaching LG's Brazilian squad. The LG squad was said to have had an endorsed letter of intent to re-sign with Luminosity, but SK Gaming's contracts for the roster was to begin on the 1 July, the day after the five Danish players' contracts were set to expire. Whether we will end up seeing the current LG team end up at SK Gaming isn't yet confirmed, but with Pimp heading to Team Liquid it's unlikely the squad will find a new home in their entirety.