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The 9 best CS:GO skins from the Steam workshop

There’s seriously big money involved in CS:GO skin creation. When Valve chooses to add a community skin to the game, they get a cut from every the sale of every key that opens a crate with their skin in. Which adds up to a formidable amount. This means that the Steam workshop, the place where creators can show off their skins and try to get votes for Valve to add them to the game, is a competitive place, with multitudes of weird and wacky skins vying for your attention. That kind of cut-throat environment gives rise to some jaw-droppingly nice skins. Here are the ones I think most deserve your votes.

Desert Eagle Glass Cannon

Desert Eagle Glass Cannon

This one really puts me in mind of the MAG-7 Heat. The bright outlines around darker central areas really catches the eye. It looks simple but it’s very effective and really lives up to its name, all of which is appropriate for the play style of the Deagle.

M4A1-S Nightmare

M4A1-S Nightmare

This has a lot in common with the Icarus Fell, but with a more obvious “nightmare” image. The colours on the Icarus have always been gorgeous and this only improves on them. There is just something about the A1 that inspires high-quality skins.

PP-Bizon Deadly Spikes

PP Bizon Deadly Spikes

The Bizon might well be the worst gun in the game, but at least with this skin you can look good while you die to better-armed enemies. Very intricate, and presumably great with normal mapping – love it.

P90 Plague

P90 Plague

The author says this skin was inspired by Magic: The Gathering. Frankly, it’s bordering on copyright infringement with how similar to Liliana this character looks, but if you can get past that this skins is very pretty. The colour scheme is unique and the image is gorgeous.

AWP Kukulkan

AWP Kululkan

Based on a Mayan Snake God of the same name, the Kukulkan is more detailed than your average AWP skin. It has a lovely jungle-like colour scheme that sets it apart from the rest of the field.

FAMAS Copper Dragon

Famas Copper Dragon

There are a ton of variants of this skin, as The Honey Badger is a very prolific author. This is my favourite of the series though, making use of the large stock on the FAMAS to really show off the beautiful dragon pattern.

AK-47 King’s Light

AK47 King's Light

The AK is sorely lacking in light-coloured skins and the King’s Light is the perfect solution. The lion’s head looks wonderfully fierce and regal. A very unique skin that will definitely stand out if it ever makes it into the game.

Glock Aim Blast

Glock Aim Blast

The author of the much-loved Neo Noire skins is back at it with this delightful glock skin. The colours are different but the style is still there and it’s great. I recommend checking out the entire collection, in fact.

USP-S The Hanged Man

USP S Hanged MAn

Wow. I absolutely love this skin. The colours are beautiful, the imagery is gorgeous and even the detailing on the tree is fantastic. Stunning work, which definitely deserves a spot in the next case, probably at Covert. Check out our other CS:GO skin rankings: