The Best CS:GO ESL One Cologne Clips You Might've Missed

The Best CS:GO ESL One Cologne Clips You Might've Missed

SK Gaming have closed out a second back-to-back Major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament by cruising 2-0 over Team Liquid this weekend. The Brazilian side, recently acquired from Luminosity Gaming, beat the Americans in the first Major final not to feature a European side since CS:GO began. Though the final result was a strong indicator of SK’s dominance over the scene at the moment, it was by no means a done deal after Friday’s group stages. Stiff competition from Polish team Virtus.Pro saw them struggle in the semi-finals on Saturday before regaining composure with some incredible individual feats. Liquid themselves, with young up-and-coming stars mixed with veterans on the squad, also had some stand-out performances in Sunday’s final, but couldn’t withstand the might of Brazil. If you missed out on all the action at Cologne’s Lanxess Arena, or you just want to relive past glories, here are the best shots from the weekend.

Team Liquid vs NaVi

CREDIT: TheDemoVault

Team Liquid, despite not leaping the final hurdle against SK, had an incredible tournament. The team’s players, a mix of experience in Spencer “Hiko” Martin and young raw talent in temporary stand-in Oleksandr “S1mple” Kostilyev, can each hold their own when chips are down. The first of several moments this skill was imperative throughout the tournament is Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski taking an eco round against Natus Vincere into his own hands. Starting out with just a pistol, he gets the first pick, a stolen AK and then defends a site from four attackers without the bomb going down. Not his first ace of the tournament, nor the last time Liquid made waves.

Team Liquid vs Fnatic

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S1mple is one of the hottest tickets in CS:GO at the minute. If it weren’t for Coldzera’s equally impressive - and far more consistent - plays then Liquid may have been able to break the cycle of losses against the SK side in the final. However when he’s hitting shots S1mple is, simply, remarkable to watch. This aggressive dropping AWP shot, into a 2-on-1 clutch, with a long-range no-scope is all you need to convince yourself that this man is worth watching. Casters Daniel “ddk” Kapadia and James Bardolph are right to question that second shot, incredible scenes.

Astralis vs Team Dignitas


It wasn’t all Liquid, this weekend, and though some teams failed to make the playoffs in the week’s group stages, their players had moments of brilliance. Dignitas’ young Danish rifler, Kristian “K0nfig” Wienecke had one such flash in the team’s decider match versus fellow Danes Astralis. The first map on Cobble looked in Astralis’ favour at 14-11 until K0nfig stepped up with a clutch 4K, allowing Dignitas back into the map and winning 16-19 in overtime. They eventually lost 2-1 to a slightly diminished Astralis team due to Peter "dupreeh" Rothmann’s emergency medical absence, but they still held their own.

NaVi vs Team Liquid

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S1mple again continues the Team Liquid roadshow this tournament, as their final standing belies the sheer individual plays that came out of the American team this tournament. Here, sealing a strong lead against Ukrainian team Natus Vincere in the last map of their quarter final bout, the young prodigy turns on his countrymen to secure a spot in the semis. As this was his last tournament with Liquid, reprising his role from the previous Major as a stand-in, keep an eye on where he ends up next.

SK Gaming vs Team Liquid

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The final clutch of the weekend, amazingly, wasn’t for the winning side in Liquid versus SK. Despite this incredible performance from the team’s dedicated sniper (now that S1mple’s gone, at least) SK still managed to take a comfortable win on Cobblestone. But this lightning-fast AWP ace from Josh "jdm64" Marzano definitely put a dent in their almost flawless run through the playoffs. You could be forgiven for missing one of these shots, but five in a row is what it takes to be this good at CS:GO, and jdm has what it takes.