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Virtus Pro Is Victorious At ELeague's CS:GO Final

In an unlikely shift of power, Polish team Virtus Pro has gone on to win the ELeague final after putting both Mousesports and Fnatic in their place. But first the semi-finals.

CS:GO ELeague Semi-Finals Recap

As you might expect, Fnatic went on to win against Na'Vi and while it was always going to be a match of nerves it was Fnatic that came out on top with a 2-0 victory. Despite an initial - albeit small - early lead from Na'Vi, Fnatic went on to claim 12 straight rounds in a row, giving the team an obvious advantage that was hard for Na'Vi to recover from. Ultimately the first map - which was on Cobblestone - went to Fnatic with 16-4. Na'vi didn't let the battering knock their confidence, however, and though they would go on to lose the second map on Train, it certainly looked like it was in the game more. The two teams traded rounds consistently throughout the map, coming to a close overtime round at 14-14 before Fnatic pulled out all the stops to win with 16-14, knocking Na'Vi out and going on to the final. On the other side of the bracket there was Virtus Pro versus Mousesports, a match that really could have gone either way. Though Virtus Pro had the experience, it just hasn't had the performance it needed this year to look confident going into the finals. Mousesports, however, had been given a second chance after the shift around following SK Gaming's disqualification and it looked like it was going to make the most of it, battling hard to get to the semi-finals with a selection of very competent wins. But it wasn't to be. The veteran squad in VP had re-emerged, and it wasn't about to let anyone step in the way. Mousesports actually took a four round lead at the start of the first map, Train, before Virtus scrambled back a handful of rounds to reclaim an advantage. The first half ended 9-6, before an emboldened squad in VP took 7 rounds to 1 to win the first map 16-7. The second map, this time Cache, saw Mousesports once again take a lead, in fact winning the first half 9-6. To those vying for the underdog, things seemed good for the side. The second half wasn't nearly as controlled by Mousesports, though, and Virtus managed to take the 10 rounds it needed - only managing to lose one round. An intense match, that's for sure, but one where Virtus Pro really proved it had the talent when it really mattered.

CS:GO ELeague Final Recap - Fnatic versus Virtus Pro

Things started out fairly familiarly for Virtus Pro at the start of the first map on Cobblestone. Fnatic took a very comfortable lead, and won the first half 9-6 after VP clawed back a handful of additional rounds. Not to be deterred, however, Virtus managed to take the second half 10 rounds to 1, putting Fnatic in its place and managing to emerge the victor of the map - after a shaky start - with a comfortable 16-10 win. The next map on Mirage was a different story altogether with Virtus Pro confidently taking the first half 10-5 before pushing on for 6-3 in the following second half, with the Polish team claiming a rather inspired victory at the ELeague finals. Fnatic looked like a tough team to beat at times, but Virtus Pro was a determined squad - reclaiming its significance in what can only be described as a blaze of glory. When it mattered, the team really knew how to work together.