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Which Teams Will Be Taking On CS:GO's ELeague Season 2

After a very successful season one, it's perhaps no surprise that ELeague has come around again for a second season. After an early qualifying round, ELeague Season Two has now kicked off - and so we know which teams will be battling for first-place victory this time around. The top eight teams of the previous tournament have automatically qualified for the second season, meaning champions Virtus Pro will be joined by Astralis, Cloud9, Fnatic, Mousesports, Na'Vi, Ninjas In Pyjamas and Team EnVyUs. You can also check out our brief history of reputed CS:GO team Ninjas In Pyjamas, who recently claimed first place victory at StarSeries Season 2. A set of regional qualifiers - one for Europe and one for North America - has recently been played, too, deciding which remaining eight teams will be joining this automatically invited squads. On the EU side we'll see Alternate Attax FaZe Clan, G2 Esports and Team Dignitas, while from NA we have Echo Fox, Immortals, OpTic Gaming and SK Gaming. This second season is due to start with the group stage on October 21 2016 and run through to November 19 2016, which will decide which of the 16 qualified teams will make it to the knockout stage. The knockout stage will then last from November 29 2016 through December 3 2016, making it a shorter tournament than the debut season. There's already been some upset at the qualifying round, with strong team Luminosity already being knocked out by Renegades - who also failed to qualify - despite the changes to Luminosity's new roster. The ELeague Season 2 Groups have yet to be seeded, so we can't yet predict how the tournament will play out. With only two teams for each four-team group heading through to the knockout stage, however, there's bound to be some disappointment early on. Ginx eSports TV will be covering CS:GO's next ELeague season, so be sure to follow us for all the ensuing drama.