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Diablo Immortal auto-navigate - How to enable and disable

Auto-navigate allows players to move around the world automatically in Diablo Immortal. Here’s how to enable or disable it.
Diablo Immortal auto-navigate - How to enable and disable

Auto-navigate is a feature in Diablo Immortal that lets players traverse around the world automatically without issuing specific user commands. This feature is quite beneficial for players wanting to fast travel from one location to another, saving valuable time and energy.

This guide will explain how to enable or disable auto-navigate in Diablo Immortal, whether you prefer wandering the vastness of the Diablo Immortal map or wish to bolt to your intended spot with haste.

How to enable or disable auto-navigate in Diablo Immortal

The option to auto-navigate in Diablo Immortal opens up after a player has explored and completed a specific section of the campaign in that area. Unfortunately, unexplored regions you visit will not allow you to auto-walk, so you'll have to do some footwork first.

auto navigate diablo immortal how to enable disable
Auto-navigate is a fast travel feature in Diablo Immortal. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Once you have reached deep enough into the story, the game will show you the areas that you can freely explore. To enable auto-navigate in Diablo Immortal, simply open your map and select a point. You can either choose a custom waypoint or your active quest, and your character will begin walking towards that area.

While your character is in its auto-navigate state, they won't attack any enemies they encounter. Likewise, your character will not interact with any chests, items, or collectibles. While the auto-navigate feature is useful, it indeed has some drawbacks. However, the sensible use of the feature can be a real savior and make your in-game life much easier.

Disabling the feature is pretty straightforward, and not much input is required from your side. To disable auto-navigate in Diablo Immortal, simply tap on the screen at any given instance to resume control of your character.

The Diablo Immortal map has eight regions for players to roam around. Each area has different Hidden Lairs, treasure chests, shrines, blue quests, Purple Rare Elites, and achievement objectives. The auto-navigation feature would allow you to scale these distances quickly.

fast travel auto navigate diablo immortal guide
Diablo Immortal map features eight regions. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Apart from this, another fast travel mechanism called Waypoints is scattered all around the map. You learn more about this in our guide on how to fast travel in Diablo Immortal. Otherwise, this concludes our guide on enabling or disabling auto-navigate in Diablo Immortal.

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