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Diablo Immortal Warbands – Max Players, Chests, Leaderboards, And More

Warbands are a social experience for players without the pressure of a clan. Here's how to join and other vital information for Diablo Immortal.
Diablo Immortal Warbands – Max Players, Chests, Leaderboards, And More

Blizzard Entertainment's latest mobile offering, Diablo Immortal, brings the punishing classic Diablo experience to mobile devices and includes new social features and mechanics to make your time exploring the open world and its dungeons less forgiving.

Warbands are a unique clan that looks to target players who wish to avoid the demands of being in a permanent clan or are seeking a casual approach to playing the game. This guide explores what Warbands are, how you can join, earn chests, and other unique gameplay and social mechanics in Diablo Immortal.

What are Warbands in Diablo Immortal?

Warbands are smaller-sized clans with a maximum of eight players per clan, and their lifespan isn't permanent. However, the real perk behind Warbands is that its mechanics encourage clan members to stay, as you can earn better rewards by playing through the game's content.

diablo immortal guide warbands what is warbands how to join max players
A maximum of eight players can join a Warband group; however, to join is a by-invitation-only from the Warband leader. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

This allows you to develop a strong clan to take into battle as you aim to complete specific clan goals to attain these rewards. Additionally, creating a Warband allows flexibility as any players can be invited to join based on their preferred goals, and you can leave whenever you wish.

There are several incentives from joining a Warband for players to earn if they choose to stay. As you clear out dungeons and other content like Helliquary Raids, you can obtain a plethora of loot from a particular type of chest called Warband Chests.

Diablo Immortal Warband Chests - How to get

Warband Chests are bonus reward chests that can be earned by your fellow Warband clan members when participating in dungeons. The requirement to earn such a chest needs at least four clan members, which; the rewards can be shared with everyone from your Warband and stored away for later access.

diablo immortal guide warbands warbands chest shared cache dungeon raids rewards
You can acquire loot from a unique chest called Warband chest by participating in dungeons to be shared amongst your clan members. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

The loot gained from a Warband chest isn't bounded to a player but rather to a unique shared cache chest. Only one player can use an item from this shared cache at any given time before returning it.

It's worth mentioning that should any clan member leave a Warband, all loot they found will be removed from the Warband cache chest and all members' inventories. Therefore, inviting players to join your Warband is crucial if you wish to retain all loot acquired from Warband chests or risk losing them all.

Diablo Immortal Warbands – Leaderboards and Hangout

Once you're settled in your new clan, you can navigate your way around the Warbands interface, where you'll have access to the in-game Shop, skills, quests, Codex, and your Friends list. Additionally, you can find the Leaderboards feature, where you can view the progress of all clan members.

diablo immortal guide warbands leaderboards monitor progress clan members weekly rewards
You can earn weekly rewards from the Warband Leaderboards for completing Helliquary Raids. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

This leaderboard tracks members who've completed Helliquary Raids, which can offer weekly rewards like Scoria. But if you're looking for something more relaxed, then utilizing the Warband Hangout feature is a great way to interact with clan members beyond the dungeons socially.

The Warband Hangout functions as a resting hangout mechanic where you can interact with your clan members around a campfire. While details on this mechanic are somewhat unclear, its addition is an excellent way of learning more about your clan which can aid you once you're clearing out dungeons and strengthening the clan by having the most optimal set-up.

Unlike the standard Clans and Proximity Approach, Warbands targets more casual players or players looking to create a private clan just for their friends. However, the benefits are beneficial to every clan member, and its social features allow you to join forces and work together to complete goals.

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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