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Diablo Immortal Elder Rifts - How to unlock, complete, and earn rewards

Check out this guide to help you unlock, complete, and earn the rewards for the Diablo Immortal Elder Rifts.
Diablo Immortal Elder Rifts - How to unlock, complete, and earn rewards

Regardless of your playstyle, grinding for better gear is a necessity at one point or another, and the Elder Rift is one of the best methods within Diablo Immortal. These smaller events will pit you against massive hordes of enemies that can lead to fantastic loot and rewards.

Rifts like this have been used in previous games such as Diablo 3, where the idea is to clear out enemies as fast as possible and make your character more powerful in the process. While you won't be able to complete the Elder Rifts right away, they unlock fairly early on, and you can begin grinding for the gems you need.

How to unlock and complete Elder Rifts in Diablo Immortal

Rift Entrance
Head to Westmarch to find the entrance. (Picture: YouTube / Gregg2G)

There is no level cap on the Elder Rifts of Diablo Immortal, but rather a progress lock that anyone can get past. As long as you can reach Westmarch on the map, then you can start taking part in the Rifts. Most players will get hear anywhere from level 20 to level 30 at the latest.

Once you reach Westmarch, head towards the northwest corner of the area to find the Rift spot. You'll know you have found it when you reach the area in between the Bounty Board and the Challenge Rift locations. Now you can begin the Elder Rifts whenever you feel you have the power.

To complete these Rifts, the goal is to get through as fast as possible and destroy the final boss at the end. Along the way, you will be forced to fight hordes of enemies that attempt to halt your progress. Though these need to be taken out, you and your team should continue to push towards Elite enemies and the boss itself.

Each of these dungeons is randomly generated and will reuse plenty of enemies from other events such as the Challenge Rifts. Not knowing what comes next can be a challenge, but the Elder Rifts are meant more like a quick fight rather than a tough one.

Rewards from the Elder Rifts in Diablo Immortal

Elder Rift search
Use the Rift menu to initiate crests for better rewards. (Picture: YouTube / Gregg2G)

The main reason anyone will do these Rifts is for the rewards, and they are certainly worth it. As one of the best ways to earn gems, Elder Rifts are key in the progression process for any Diablo player.

On a lower scale, every Rift completed will give you a decent amount of experience and plenty of loot that can be broken down for crafting materials. Considering how abundant they are in the dungeons, it's a great way to get both. But to make the most of these Rifts, you will need some crests.

Enhancing the Rift with a Rare or Legendary Crest will allow the dungeons to drop more loot. These are how you can earn more Fading Embers and the coveted Legendary Gems.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Gregg2G.