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Diablo Immortal review-bombed on Metacritic - Worst score in site's history

Diablo Immortal has the lowest Metacritic score in history after review bombers slammed the game's microtransactions.
Diablo Immortal review-bombed on Metacritic - Worst score in site's history

Diablo Immortal has attracted a wave of negative criticism, as evident on the game’s Metacritic page. Accordingly, the mobile and PC versions of the game were review-bombed as players complained about the game’s implementation of microtransactions.

Atop the many technical issues some players experience, including losing high rarity gear, this controversy has plunged the franchise to an all-time low. This recent news doesn’t bode well for Blizzard, who's facing several investigations over its management of sexual assaults, discrimination, and harassment against its female employees.

Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal gets lowest Metacritic score

Diablo Immortal is Blizzard Entertainment’s latest entry in the Diablo franchise. Since its release on PC and mobile devices on 2nd June 2022, Blizzard has claimed the game is the publisher’s “biggest launch in franchise history," having celebrated 10 million installs.

diablo immortal announcement banner biggest launch in history
Blizzard announced on social media that their latest Diablo game, Diablo Immortal had the "biggest launch" in the franchise history. (Picture: Twitter / Diablo Immortal)

Despite their claim, the game suffered a widespread backlash after thousands of Diablo and MMO players took to the online aggregating site, Metacritic, to address their criticisms and vent their anger.

This resulted in the game's PC version getting review-bombed based on a staggering 2031 ratings, bringing its User Score to 0.2. Noteworthy also is that the iOS version of Diablo Immortal is not far behind, with a Metacritic User Score of only 0.5 (n=4343).

This User Score is the lowest for the publisher, with Warcraft III: Reforged and World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade re-release receiving below-par user reviews. This revelation comes as the YouTube channel Bellular News exposed the game's monetization strategies by revealing how much players will spend on Legendary Gems to max out a character.

According to the YouTube channel, while the game is well-designed, graphics are incredibly smooth and filled with plenty of content; an underlying problem of its aggressive microtransactions is ruining the game and the publisher's reputation.

Furthermore, the YouTuber revealed that using real-world money to purchase Legendary Gems to max their character would set them back around $110,000. The downside is that Legendary Gems are tough to come by, as players can acquire them from a specific loot box called Legendary Crests.

diablo immortal microtransactions legendary crests legendary gems character progression
Players are likely to spend real-world money on Legendary Crests, where they can acquire Legendary Gems needed to max out their character. (Picture: YouTube / Bellular News)

This is echoed across the thousands of user reviews after players highlighted the publisher's "predatory" strategies to lure them into spending thousands of dollars on the game. Other reviews have warned players to steer clear from installing or playing the game stemming from microtransactions.

To further lament their woes, individuals submitting their reviews on Metacritic would not need evidence that they've played the game. Notably, this can produce biases that may influence its overall User Score, as we have seen in past instances.

Diablo Immortal's game director Wyatt Cheng has responded to the backlash of microtransactions before the game's release, citing that the facts are nothing but a fabrication. However, since its launch, many players have labeled Cheng's comments false and misleading.

We will endeavor to update you regarding any further developments.

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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