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Best Hela Decks In Marvel Snap

Here are some of the best Hela decks in Marvel Snap!
Best Hela Decks In Marvel Snap

Discard is back on the menu of Marvel Snap, thanks in no small part to MODOK who allows you to discard your entire hand. This has some crazy synergies with already existing cards like Apocalypse and Swarm. One of the biggest benefactors of MODOK is Hela, the most powerful finisher for any Discard archetype. 

For those unaware, Hela's On Reveal ability resummons all the cards you discarded in this game. As you can imagine, this has great synergy with MODOK, which discards every card in your hand. So long as Hela manages to dodge the multiple discard effects running rampant in your strategy, there are very few decks than can effectively counter Hela's burst effectively. 

So, if you are ready to gamble everything on late-game Hela play, you've come to the right place. These are the best Hela decks in Marvel Snap you can use to reach Infinite rank!

Best Hela Decks In Marvel Snap

Hela is the most powerful payoff card for any deck running discard synergy. While Apocalypse can arguably reach higher units of power than Hela if discarded multiple times, Apocalypse's six-Energy cost means you can only play this single card on your final turn. Hela, on the other hand, although having the same cost, will resummon tons of powerful discarded cards to random Locations on your side of the field. 

Naturally, you will want to pair Hela with not only cards that can discard but powerful cards to resummon, like The Infinaut, Giganto, and Magneto.

Marvel Snap
There are lots of great Discard cards in Marvel Snap. (Picture: Nuverse)

Standard Hela Discard Deck

The Standard Hela Discard package generally runs good Discard cards with some late-game finishers to help close out the game. You'll want to play on curve as much as possible and use combos like Lady Sif and Ghost Rider to dominate early locations.

Standard Hela Discard Deck List:

Marvel Snap
MODOK discards your entire hand when played. (Picture: Nuverse)

Hela + MODOK Deck

MODOK's unique effect discards your entire hand when it is played. Naturally, this has great synergy with discard decks, allowing you to dump cards like Apocalypse and Swarm before they return to your hand. The only win condition this deck has is to avoid discarding Hela!

Hela + MODOK Deck List:

And these are the best Hela decks in Marvel Snap!

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