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Best Decks For Mount Vesuvius Location In Marvel Snap

These are the best decks for the Mount Vesuvius location in Marvel Snap!
Best Decks For Mount Vesuvius Location In Marvel Snap

Mount Vesuvius is one of the newest locations added to Marvel Snap that is sure to cause a lot of tension in the final throws of the game. So long as this location is on the board, players will no longer be able to retreat after turn five. This means players can guarantee a minimum of two cubes so long as they snap and a minimum of four cubes if both players end up snapping. 

During any Featured or Hot location, players should switch up their strategy to take advantage of the increased location appearance rate. So, if you are ready to start dominating Mount Vesuvius Location, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the best decks for Mount Vesuvius Location in Marvel Snap, including key cards, strategies, and more!

Use Galactus on Mount Vesuvius. (Picture: Nuverse)

Mount Vesuvius Location Overview

Description: Players can't retreat after turn 5.

The Best Decks For Mount Vesuvius Location In Marvel Snap

The best decks for Mount Vesuvius Location in Marvel Snap are those that can win the game by turn 5. A lot of decks in Marvel Snap are great at winning games but have terrible cube equity. Lockdown decks, for example, usually have the game in the bag before the final turn of the game, but your opponent will easily recognize their losing position and retreat. Now, they have no choice but to stay!

The Best Cards To Use With Mount Vesuvius Location In Marvel Snap

Professor X can lockdown locations on turn five. (Picture: Nuverse)

Here's a breakdown of 3 cards we look to use when trying to make the most of Mount Vesuvius Location in Marvel Snap:


Galactus will always be an underlying threat in Marvel Snap, but ramping into this card on turn five or turn four usually results in a retreating opponent by turn six. Now, after dropping Galactus on turn five at Mount Vesuvius, your opponent will have no choice to stay while you drop your powerhouse cards like Death and Knull!

Professor X

As mentioned, lockdown decks are another great way to secure victory on turn five. Professor X can achieve victory in a certain location, ensuring that your opponent has nowhere left to run while you clean up at least one of the other two remaining locations. 


Loki is another viable option for this location, as you can delay playing this card until turn five. This will set you up for a massive turn-six combo (similar to Sera control decks), where you can dump all your powerful cards on the final turn and win the game!

That's everything you need to know about the best decks for Mount Vesuvius Location in Marvel Snap!

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