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Marvel Snap Decks (February 2024): The Best Destroy Decks

Prepare to destroy the competition in Friendly Battle or Conquest with these hard-hitting Destroy decks to play in Marvel Snap in February 2024.
Marvel Snap Decks (February 2024): The Best Destroy Decks
(Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

Deck archetypes are unique deck types where the cards assembled have unique abilities that work symbiotically and cater to a specific playstyle. Some of the standard deck archetypes, like On Reveal, Ongoing, and Discard, are commonly known within the community, but by far, the most popular deck archetype is Destroy.

The Destroy deck archetype has been around since the game's launch and, due to the plethora of cards released, has always found its place within the meta as one of the best-performing archetypes. Snappers looking for the best Destroy decks can snap their way to victory as we've detailed some of the best-performing Destroy meta decks as of February 2024 for Marvel Snap.

What Is The Meta Game In Marvel Snap?

Before delving into what the best Destroy meta decks are, we need to understand what the meta is and how decks are considered "meta" in Marvel Snap. The term "meta" can often be misused within the community, but players still in Pool 1 or 2 shouldn't worry too much about the meta until they begin entering Pool 3 and higher.

The meta game changes almost frequently due to the patch and OTA updates that occur per season, as these updates either buff or nerf cards. Some certain decks and strategies have consistently remained in the meta game due to the effectiveness of cards and strategies employed and have balanced strengths and weaknesses to ensure victory for players.

Players are advised to understand the current meta well, which will help with deck building and invite unique ideas to produce new decks and potential archetypes for victories. Destroy meta decks have remained consistent with various cards that have synergized effectively and strategies employed

Marvel Snap Best Destroy Decks (February 2024): Standard Destroy Deck

marvel snap best decks guide best destroy decks standard destroy
One of the most dependable Destroy decks, the Standard Destroy can carry beginner players and early Pools. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

The Standard Destroy deck is one of the many dependable decks but is flexible enough to swap out cards to improve its effectiveness in Friendly matches. Its main priority is to destroy as many cards as possible to gain more power for Knull and Deadpool while gaining energy to play multiple cards and lowering the power for Death. 

Playing Nico Minoru will help in this aspect, especially if it gains the spell to destroy the next card played to draw two cards, as playing Wolverine or X-23 will be the cards to play after Nico Minoru. As such, the key cards to play with this deck are Deadpool, Wolverine, and X-23, while Killmonger, Carnage, Deathklok, and Venom are the cards that will destroy them.

Marvel Snap Best Destroy Decks (February 2024): Deadpool Destroy

marvel snap best decks guide best destroy decks deadpool destroy
Buff Deadpool'spower early with Forge and Hulk Buster before destroying it to unlock this deck's full potential. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

This deck is a slight variation on the Standard Destroy Deck but swaps out Nico Minoru and Bucky Barnes for Hulk Buster and Arnim Zola, but Lady Deathstrike is also worth consideration. The priority for players is to give Deadpool more power boosted by Forge or Hulk Buster before destroying him with Killmonger or Carnage, if possible, to regenerate with double power back into their hand. 

All players have to do is play Deadpool, X-23, Carnage, Wolverine, and Deathklok before playing Deadpool again with Venom; by then, they should be able to play Death and potentially have enough energy for Knull. In a perfect scenario, Arnim Zola can be played to destroy Carnage at the other two locations to consume their powers to play or Knull if Zola isn't in their hand.

Marvel Snap Best Destroy Decks (February 2024): Phoenix On The Move To Destroy/Move, Phoenix & Destroy

marvel snap best decks guide best destroy decks move phoenix force destroy
With the right cards in the hand, this Phoenix Move/Destroy deck can go places. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

This deck combines two core deck archetypes, Move and Destroy, which has seen some variations, including Iron Fist, Kraven, and Spider-Man 2099, in which the latter destroys a random card at a location after it's moved the first time. But this is quite a complicated deck to play for various reasons, such as what locations feature in the match and what cards enter their hand during the match.

Ideally, play Forge, then Human Torch and Ghost Spider or Forge, Nico Minoru with the move spell, and then destroy Human Torch with Carnage or Deathklok. The reason is to play Shuri to follow it up with Phoenix Force to resurrect Human Torch, which revives a destroyed card (i.e., Human Torch) that can move the next turn and gain power.

Players can finish off playing Arnim Zola if they've played Venom already to destroy it and copy it at the other locations. As mentioned before, the deck is extremely tricky to pull off, but with the right strategies, it can work or risk losing cubes.

Marvel Snap Best Destroy Decks (February 2024): The Nimrod Destroyer

marvel snap best decks guide best destroy decks nimrod destroyer
Grand Master can move destroy cards, like Carnage and Venom, to the middle location before using its ability again to destroy cards. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Speaking of Nimrod, this card is the centerpiece of this specific Destroy deck which has slowly climbed up the meta due to the release of the Grand Master courtesy of content creator DenHearthstone. Grand Master has the On Reveal ability to move one of the played On Reveal cards to the middle location, which triggers its ability again.

Grand Master can work wonders when placed in a location with Carnage or Venom to trigger their ability, or Iron Lad could copy the text of Grand Master if it's the top card in the deck presently. This will help Knull gain more power from all destroyed cards when played, and if they've got enough energy from destroying X-23, Arnim Zola can be played on Turn 6 on Grand Master or Knull to copy it at the remaining locations.

For now, this deck is in its infancy, so it's hard to determine how effective these cards are and what strategies can be utilized to still claim victory. Unfortunately, this deck has yet to have an impact on the meta despite its stellar performance, but it's worth giving it a try.

Marvel Snap Best Destroy Decks (February 2024): Galactus Junk

marvel snap best decks guide best destroy decks galactus junk
Get disruptive with this Galactus variation of a classic Junk deck before destroying cards to another multiverse. (Picture: Untapped.gg)

Yes, it's the Black Order season, and that means Galactus is back to dominate Marvel Snap again. Another deck from DenHearthstone includes some recently released cards, Ravonna Renslayer, Selene, and Annihilus, to disrupt their opponent's gameplay and fill their opponent's board with negative energy cards.

Selene and Ravonna Renslayer should ideally be played early to afflict the player's lowest power card with -3 power, as Renslayer will reduce cards with one power or less by one, which could see The Hood, Hobgoblin and the Green Goblin being played before Sentry. Players must keep one location empty or at least win at that location if Green Goblin and/or Hobgoblin are played at one location to place Galactus before finishing the game with Alioth.

A great replacement for Selene could be Jeff the Baby Land Shark, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead is a viable option to play on Turn 6 instead of Alioth. Lastly, Psylocke has always been the best card to run with Galactus to play him early and could be substituted for Ravonna Renslayer depending on players' playstyle.

The latest season of Marvel Snap, The Black Order, is now available with new cards, variants, locations, and a refreshed Season Pass. The Galactic Carnival event runs from 7th February to 17th February 2024 for mobile devices and PC via Steam.

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