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Best Skaar Decks In Marvel Snap

These are the best Marvel Snap decks to use with Skarr.
Best Skaar Decks In Marvel Snap

Skaar is a six-cost, eleven-power card in Marvel Snap. For every friendly card that has ten or more power, Skaar will cost two energy less. Naturally, this is quite a tall order to accomplish, as most cards with ten power or more are late-game cards that you won't be playing until the final turns of the game. This makes things tricky for Skaar, as ideally, you want a board with several 10+ power cards already in play to allow Skaar to be played at a heavily discounted cost. Thankfully, there are several ways to get Skaar's ability to activate.

Best Skaar Decks In Marvel Snap

The best Skaar decks in Marvel Snap are those that can effectively get cards with high power onto the board in the early game. This can either be done via cheating out powerful cards with various effects or by playing cards with inflated stats and detrimental abilities. 

Lockjaw /Discard Deck

Marvel Snap Lockjaw Card
Cheat out powerful cards with Lockjaw. (Picture: Nuverse)

The most obvious way to activate Skaar's ability is to utilize the power of Lockjaw to get cards with high stats onto the board in the early game. The Lockjaw engine is great for cheating out powerful cards and is still a potent threat in the metagame. With cards like Lockjaw and Jubilee, it is very easy to get a board full of 10+ power cards very easily. 

Additionally, there is also the chance to pull Skaar from a Lockjaw or a Jubilee ability, meaning you don't have to worry about reducing its cost at all. 

Lockjaw / Discard Deck List:

Red Skull Deck

Marvel Snap Red Skull Card
Red Skull is another option to use with Skaar. (Picture: Nuverse)

Red Skull decks are currently very powerful in the meta. These decks tend to run very powerful cards with detrimental abilities. These detrimental abilities, however, can be turned off with cards like Zero or Sauron. Simply having Typhoid Mary and Red Skull on the board will reduce Skaar's cost to two energy, allowing you to Shuri and Skaar on the final turn of the game if necessary. 

Red Skull Deck List:

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