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Where To Get The Cassandra Nova Card In Marvel Snap

Cassandra Nova will be one of the latest card releases for the upcoming season; however, players can unlock it in a unique way in Marvel Snap.
Where To Get The Cassandra Nova Card In Marvel Snap
(Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

We're fast approaching the next season for Marvel Snap, which is reported to start on 9th July 2024 for mobile devices and PC via Steam. This season is hyped up to be the biggest since the Quantumania and The Marvels seasons last year as developer Second Dinner teams up with Marvel Studios in its latest crossover media event for the Deadpool & Wolverine film.

One character from the film, Cassandra Nova, will make her in-game debut, as players must visit a diner and finish the plates to earn a specific in-game currency to acquire the card. Before she can steal our power (and possibly HP), we've detailed how to get the Cassandra Nova card in Marvel Snap.

How To Get The Cassandra Nova Card In Marvel Snap?

Cassandra Nova is one of five new cards arriving to Marvel Snap for its themed July 2024 season, Deadpool & Wolverine. As mentioned, this season will be another crossover media event promoting the upcoming global release of Marvel Studios' Deadpool & Wolverine, where the aforementioned character will appear.

The Cassandra Nove base and variant cards are reported to be acquired from the limited-time game mode, Deadpool's Diner. (Picture: Second Dinner)

Typically, new card releases allow players to acquire them in two ways: acquiring Spotlight Keys from the Collection Level tracker, which are used to open Spotlight Caches, or spending Collector's Tokens for the card. This won't be the case for the new season, as there's a new way for players to get the Cassandra Nova card in-game, requiring a trip to a diner.

More specifically, Deadpool's Diner is a new limited-time game mode that will debut in Marvel Snap and will likely be available for the entire season. According to datamined information, players can obtain the Cassandra Nova base and variant card through Deadpool's Diner by earning Bubs and hitting certain milestones.

While we cannot officially confirm the milestones on which players can receive these cards for free, it's being speculated that the base card will be available after hitting 15 million Bubs. The variant card, which the artwork has yet to be finalized, will be the final reward from the progression tracker at 500 million Bubs.

If players cannot get the Cassandra Nova base card from the Deadpool's Diner game mode, the card will be available to purchase from the in-game Shop once the game mode concludes its run. It's being reported that Cassandra Nova will be a Series 5 card drop, and as such, players will need to spend 6,000 Collector's Tokens once she's available from the Shop.

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