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Where To Get And Use Bubs For Deadpool's Diner In Marvel Snap

Apparently, Wolverine will reveal something if players earn enough Bubs in the latest limited-time game mode, Deadpool's Diner, for Marvel Snap!
Where To Get And Use Bubs For Deadpool's Diner In Marvel Snap
(Picture: Second Dinner & Max Grecke / GINX)

One of Marvel Comics' most iconic duos will be getting a themed season for Marvel Snap to celebrate their upcoming (re)union on the big screens as Marvel Studios' Deadpool & Wolverine hits theatres globally in July 2024. As such, July 2024's season of Marvel Snap will see The Merc with a Mouth and X-Men's brooding mutant team up to bring utter chaos in-game, introducing a new limited-time game mode.

Deadpool's Diner will be available throughout the season, and players earn unique rewards by accumulating a new type of currency called Bubs. As to what they are and how players can earn and use them, we've discussed all these details and more in this adamantium-strong guide for Marvel Snap.

How To Get Bubs For Deadpool's Diner In Marvel Snap?

According to datamined information, Bubs is an in-game currency developed specifically for the Deadpool's Diner game mode. For that reason, Bubs is only used for this limited-time game mode, which we'll discuss later in this guide how players can use Bubs in Marvel Snap.

Players are required to have a certain amount of Bubs to enter matches for "plates" in this chimichanga-filled game mode. (Picture: Second Dinner)

Bubs have a similar function to the Medals earned from the Conquest mode and Credits in Friendly Battles; they're earned by participating in matches but have a few significant differences. The first was mentioned in our explainer guide for Deadpool's Diner: players can bet Bubs, not Cubes, during the match by "snapping," which increases the stakes and thus makes more Bubs up for grabs.

Unlike the Medals and Credits earned from Conquest and Friendly matches, Bubs contribute to a progression tracker instead of being used to spend on purchasing items from an in-game Shop. It's important to mention that all Bubs earned in Deadpool's Diner are acquired accumulatively, so should they place all their Bubs on the line during a match and lose them all, it won't hamper the progress they've amassed as a result.

An interesting aspect of Bubs and its name is that Bubs can regenerate much like Wolverine, but it depends on the milestone or Menu Upgrade they've reached. This can be obtained from the aforementioned progression tracker, as the higher the Menu Upgrade level they've unlocked, the higher the Bub regenerative rate will be, which can aid players in jumping back into a match if they don't have enough Bubs to enter a game.

How To Use Bubs For Deadpool's Diner In Marvel Snap?

6687dd1ace041-Marvel Snap Cassandra Nova.png
Earn enough Bubs towards the progression tracker to help players unlock the Cassandra Nova card in Marvel Snap. (Picture: Second Dinner / GINX)

While Bubs can be earned in-game by snapping to up the stakes and the amount of Bubs received, they cannot be spent in the same manner as Credits and Medals; the latter are earned from Conquest matches. As we've explained before, the Bubs received from matches in Deadpool's Diner will add towards their progression for a specific level or "plate," for which each "plate" requires a certain amount of Bubs to play.

According to the June 2024 Developer Roadmap post, the first "plate," Cereal, will require 80 Bubs to participate, but players will reportedly receive 240 Bubs to start with. Players must remember that when they progress through the different "plates," which have a specific Bub requirement to enter, they'll need to determine which matches are worth wagering on and when it's best to retreat or lose all their Bubs, bub!

As alluded to before, they have a progression tracker through which they can unlock unique rewards like Credits and cosmetic items, including avatars and card borders. Specifically for the launch of Deadpool's Diner as part of the Deadpool & Wolverine season in Marvel Snap, players can earn Bubs, progress the tracker, and unlock the Cassandra Nova base and variant cards.

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