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How To Counter Loki In Marvel Snap

Trying to beat Loki in Marvel Snap? We have the answers you need!
How To Counter Loki In Marvel Snap

Loki is the newest Season Pass card added to Marvel Snap, and very few people predicted just how dominant his entrance would be. While we've had powerful Season Pass cards in the past, Loki is definitely the most unique and allows for some utterly explosive and frustrating final-turn gambits. 

Not only does Loki have an amazing game-winning effect, but it also has premium stats for its cost, coming in at three power for five energy. All in all, Loki is a very fun card to play, and may be in line for a Nerf sometime in the future. 

However, until that day comes, the rest of us are left to brew decks and strategies to counter the God of Mischief. So, if you are struggling to beat Loki, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the best strategies to counter Loki in Marvel Snap!

Cerebro is a great way to counter Loki. (Picture: Nuverse)

How To Counter Loki In Marvel Snap

Despite what you may think, Loki does have several counters. We will go over some of them below.


Loki is a great card because he takes the good cards in your deck and uses them against you. Therefore, it is advisable to play combo decks to beat Loki as opposed to "good card" decks. Cerebro is a great choice in this regard, not only because it recently reached Rank 1 on the Infinite ladder but because it requires a lot of key cards that Loki might fail to swipe. And, if it misses the key cards, it will be left with useless trash like Bast and Wasp.


Hela has never had a great win rate but has since become the premier Loki counter. Hela is a great answer to Loki decks, which don't typically run Enchantress. This gives you a free setup to drop all your powerful combo pieces behind Invisible Woman and win the game!

Counter Loki decks using Hela! (Picture: Nuverse)

Living Tribunal

Similar to Hela, Living Tribunal is another combo deck that works very well against Loki for the same reason. With no counter cards like Shang-Chi or Enchantress to ruin your day, this deck is allowed to run riot. 

Mobius M. Mobius

Mobius is a great counter to Loki, which will prevent your opponent's cards from having their costs reduced. Being a very cheap card allows players to slot Mobius into any existing deck in order to counter potential Loki opponents. 

And now you know the best counters to Loki in Marvel Snap!

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