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Best Blob Decks In Marvel Snap

Level up your game with some of the best Blob decks to take you to Infinite!
Best Blob Decks In Marvel Snap

Blob is a six-cost, three-power card in Marvel Snap that, on reveal, will merge your remaining deck into this card (gaining every card's power). Blob also has an Ongoing ability that cannot be moved. This is a very unique ability that has never been seen before in any kind of capacity in Marvel Snap. As a huge final gambit, Blob plays a similar role to Alioth or Evolved Hulk as a final one-card play that will hopefully win you the game, provided you have already secured victory in another location. 

So, if you are ready to start using Blob in Marvel Snap, you've come to the right place. This article will cover the best Blob in Marvel Snap, including deck lists, strategies, and more!

Use Blob with cards like Hela. (Picture: Nuverse)

Best Blob Decks In Marvel Snap

The best Blob decks in Marvel Snap will likely be those that can either control the board well enough to get the most use out of Blob on the final turn or those that benefit from pumping as many stats into play as possible.

Several existing archetypes already try to enact this game plan, and Blob seems to be able to fit in quite nicely with these decks. We will cover some of the best decks and strategies to use with Blob below. 

Hela Deck

Hela and The Living Tribunal is a very powerful archetype in the current meta. These decks don't care where the power lies in each location as long as there is tons of power on your side of the board. The Living Tribunal will split friendly power equally across all three locations, and by discarding a handful of powerful cards before reviving them with Hela, players will usually be able to crush any opponent. 

Blob seems like an excellent fit into a deck like this, as it can be discarded and revived at the end of the game in order to grab any remaining powerful cards left in your deck to secure the victory. 

Hela Deck List:

Living Tribunal is a good card to use with Blob. (Picture: Nuverse)

Lockdown Deck

Lockdown decks seem to be another great fit for Blob. Under the right circumstances, Blob will be able to win an entire location all by itself based on the total power it will absorb from the remaining cards in your deck. This outlook is very similar to Evolved Hulk in a typical High Evolutionary control deck. Players will aim to secure victory in a single location before slamming down their final gambit on the final turn. 

Lockdown Deck List:

And these are the best Blob decks in Marvel Snap!

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