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[Update - Now Live] Marvel Snap High Evolutionary Delayed, Here's Why

High Evolutionary not appearing in your Token Shop? You're not alone!
[Update - Now Live] Marvel Snap High Evolutionary Delayed, Here's Why

May 24 Update - The High Evolutionary is now available in Marvel Snap. Don't ask us how the developers fixed it, but you can now earn the card from the Token Shop. Enjoy!

[Original Story Follows] - One of the most highly-anticipated cards in recent memory in Marvel Snap has been High Evolutionary. After the countless rollouts of mediocre Series 5 cards like Stegron and Snowguard, High Evolutionary is a card that players have been actively saving for and planned to buy on release day. Add to this; High Evolutionary is yet another "big bag" who will never drop down to a lower Series, making him all the more exciting to finally get ahold of! 

However, after logging into the game (some even being coerced by a notification that High Evolutionary is available), players were confused to see not the big bad and main villain of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. Instead, they were met with a duck wearing a suit.

So, if you are curious why High Evolutionary is not appearing in your Token Shop, we have the answers you need!

Why Is High Evolutionary Delayed?

Marvel Snap
High Evolutionary unlocks the hidden abilities of textless cards. (Picture: Nuverse)

There is currently a bug in Marvel Snap that is preventing High Evolutionary from showing up in the Token Shop or Collector's Caches/Reserves. This was confirmed on Discord by one of the Second Dinner team, and the issue is currently being looked into. Unfortunately, the issue is seemingly a lot more complicated than first thought, and an OTA update will not be enough to fix the problem. 

What this means is that a client patch, which usually only occurs once a month, will need to be implemented before High Evolutionary can be added to the game. The Second Dinner team has stated they will update the player base on Wednesday, May 24, with any new information, and this will be the earliest High Evolutionary may be added to the game. 

Marvel Snap
High Evolutionary is confirmed to be delayed. (Picture: Second Dinner)

However, client patches are usually quite large and require a lot of external forces to sync up before they can go live (Apple / App Store approval, for example), meaning that we may not be seeing High Evolutionary for some time. 

It's a little disappointing considering cards have been releasing like clockwork all this time, but most free-to-play players have no interest in purchasing them. Then, as soon as a card is set to drop that even free-to-play players have been saving for, an issue occurs. Coming off the back of the recent Series Drop changes, this just adds to the disappointment. 

However, when issues like this have occurred in the past, players have been compensated. Kitty Pryde was given to all players for free after a bug, but this was only because some players managed to purchase her early. It's unlikely everyone will be given a free copy of High Evolutionary. In all likelihood, expect to receive a free (pixel) variant in the near future!

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