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Should You Open Marvel Snap Spotlight Caches This Week? (November 2023)

Unsure about whether the lineup for this week's Spotlight Caches are worth it? We have the answers you need!
Should You Open Marvel Snap Spotlight Caches This Week? (November 2023)

Marvel Snap's Spotlight Caches are one of the few ways to obtain high-rarity Series 4 and Series 5 cards. However, being in such short supply means players cannot afford to waste them. Check out our guide for whether or not this week's rotating lineup of cards and variants is worth cracking open your Spotlight Caches.

What Cards Are Available in Spotlight Cache This Week?

From Nov 28 to Dec 5 the spotlight cache contains the following cards:

Should You Open Your Spotlight Caches This Week?

We think No - here's why:

  • Martyr: Martyr is a new card but one that does not provide enough reward for its risk. Martyr is a one-cost, four-power card that all but necessitates you to fill out every location. Do you know another card that is a one-cost four-power if you fill up only one location? Ant-Man. Enough said. 

  • Jean Grey: Jean Grey, while having a niche in some decks, has never risen to the top of the Marvel Snap meta. She is good in lockdown decks, but even the best lockdown decks forego this card.

  • Spider-Man 2099: 2099, unfortunately, never saw much play, even in Move decks. Several cards just do its job better, such as Shang-Chi or Alioth.

Typically, one new card, two old Series 4/5 cards, and a random Series 4/5 card will be in the lineup. (Picture: Nuverse)

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