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Marvel Snap Vibranium Forge Event- How To Play & Rewards

Here is everything you need to know about the Vibranium Forge event in Marvel Snap!
Marvel Snap Vibranium Forge Event- How To Play & Rewards

The Warriors of Wakanda season is still in full swing in Marvel Snap! The newest community event, Vibranium Forge, has tons of rewards on offer for those who gather enough in-game event currency. There are a ton of goodies available for participating in this event, so you won't want to miss out! This article will cover how to play the Vibranium Forge event in Marvel Snap, the event's schedule, and all the rewards you can earn by playing.

Marvel Snap Vibranium Forge Event - How To Play

Vibranium Forge Event
Using certain cards during the Vibranium Forge event will double the event currency you earn (Picture: Nuverse / Marvel)

Here are the rules for the Vibranium Forge Event in Marvel Snap:

  • Players must play matches to earn Vibranium.
  • One match will reward players with one Vibranium.
  • Including any one of the following cards, your Vibranium obtained will double:
  • Players can earn a maximum of 200 Vibranium each day. 
  • Players can spend 20 Vibranium in the event shop to randomly forge an item.
  • Alternatively, players can spend 40 Vibranium to forge a specific item. 
  • If the forge fails to create an item, you will receive 50% of your Vibranium back.
Marvel Snap
Players can earn Vibranium by playing matches during the Vibranium Forge event. (Picture: Nuverse / Marvel)

What Is The Marvel Snap Vibranium Forge Event Rewards

Players can unlock one item to get 100 credits and unlock 4 items (of any quality) to get a pixelated Ironheart Avatar. These rewards will be received within 7 days after the event ends. The rewards here aren't as plentiful as in other events, but the criteria to earn the rewards are not that demanding either.

This is a rather low-commitment event that only requires players to play games and possibly insert an additional card to double their event currency. Half the fun in this event will be designing decks that can play one of the event cards effectively.

Vibranium Forge
Play the Vibranium Forge event to earn a pixelated Ironheart Avatar. (Picture: Nuverse / Marvel)

When Does Marvel Snap Vibranium Forge Event End?

The Marvel Snap Vibranium Forge event will run from November 17, 2022 (currently running), and will end on November 27 at 8 PM PT (28 November 3 AM UTC). This gives players a little over a week to gather enough Vibranium currency, craft items, and acquire the Pixelated Ironheart Avatar.

As there are no missions or login bonuses tied to this event, the only way to earn Vibranium is by playing matches. And, considering that your crafts have the possibility to fail, you may need to gather more than the minimum amount of Vibranium, depending on your luck. However, If you start playing right now, there should be more than enough time to get everything. Good luck!

Marvel Snap
The Vibranium Forge event will last for just over a week. (Picture: Nuverse / Marvel)

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Featured image courtesy of Nuverse / Marvel.

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