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Best Nakia Decks In Marvel Snap

These are the best Nakia decks in Marvel Snap!
Best Nakia Decks In Marvel Snap

Nakia is a three-cost two-power card in Marvel Snap that, on reveal, with give the two leftmost cards in your hand two additional power. Nakia's ability is incredibly powerful, essentially making the card a three-cost six-power card thanks to the power she provides. Unfortunately, the downside to using Nakia is that players running this card typically only want one or two specific cards buffed, as opposed to any two random cards. 

As you can imagine, it is often very difficult or impossible to get certain cards to shift down the line in your hand without making sub-optimal plays. However, certain decks out there utilize Nakia effectively, and we'll be breaking them down here. 

So, if you are ready to start using Nakia in Marvel Snap, you've come to the right place! This article will cover the best Nakia decks in Marvel Snap, including deck lists, strategies, and more!

Marvel Snap
Silver Surfer and Nakia make a great combo. (Picture: Nuverse)

Best Nakia Decks In Marvel Snap

The best Nakia decks in Marvel Snap are those that benefit from buffing cards in their hand. This is usually because those said cards have the ability to add copies of themselves to various other locations. 

Alternatively, you can play Nakia in a deck that doesn't necessarily care about buffing specific cards and just wants to pump out as many stats onto the board as possible!

Nimrod Deck

Nimrod is a prime target for Nakia because of this card's effect. When destroyed, Nimrod will add copies of itself to each other location. Should Nimrod have received any kind of buff, the buff will also be transferred to each of the copies. 

The only difficulty with this deck is navigating your hand effectively enough to keep up on the board while still ensuring Nimrod makes it to the leftmost side.

Nimrod Deck List:

Marvel Snap
Nakia is great for buffing Nimrod. (Picture: Nuverse)

Silver Surfer Deck 

Nakia also works well in a standard Silver Surfer deck list. Silver Surfer deck lists are all about buffing up their cards as much as possible in order to unleash a burst of unexpected power at the end of the game. It doesn't really matter which cards Nakia hits in this kind of deck, as anything she hits will be beneficial. 

Additionally, Nakia itself is a three-cost card, meaning it receives the benefit of Silver Surfer's On Reveal ability at the end of the game as well!

Silver Surfer Deck List:

And these are the best Nakia Decks in Marvel Snap!

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