2016 In Esports: CS:GO

2016 In Esports: CS:GO

We all start to feel a little nostalgic as the year comes to a close, and let’s face it 2016 hasn’t been the greatest for the planet. But for esports fans it’s been perhaps the best yet with the industry growing exponentially, more fans, teams and matches than ever before and certainly a moment or five of exceptional competition. CS:GO rarely has a match go by without something spectacular happening, so we celebrate the year by looking back at some of the very best moments in CS:GO competition.

Dignita’s Kjaerbye with an exceptional headshot

We all love a good against-the-odds situation and we’ve seen many impressive 1v5, 1v4 scenarios, but few are as flawlessly survived as Kjaerbye’s on Train early in the year at DreamHack Leipsig. Already down to 1v4 and trying to find himself walking the gauntlet between the trains, Kjaerbye’s needed to pull out some exception CS:GO play to take the round. A long-range takedown starts the rampage before an instant headshot on Na’vi’s Guardian atop a train with an even more incredible split-second, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it headshot on Seized from a huge distance. This is topped off by the last kill on Edward which begins slow with a couple of pot shots but finishes with Kjaerbye holding it together and demonstrating impressive reflexes with yet another headshot.

An ace by Fnatic’s Flusha

ELeague was a highlight for CS:GO this year, a big success for Turner Broadcasting and proving that traditional media can get involved with esports. But this 5-man ace from Flusha against the whole of Dignitas was an outstanding display, beginning with calm control as he lines up Rubino in his crosshairs. From there he spins to the right for a second kill, to the left for a long headshot before switching to his sniper rifle for his fourth in a matter of seconds. It’s a quick play and all over in seconds, his unnoticed position playing havoc with Dignitas. It’s all over pretty much, but a hurried K0nfig is quickly put down as he approaches the bomb plant position.

Skadoodle makes Winterfox look like chumps

Skadoodle is always proving his value, but this one-after-another killstreak really shows us how much of a beast he can be. Few plays can make a team look as foolish as this one. It’s all done with a sniper rifle as ESL Pro League, and the insane accuracy needed to make it work is not seen as often as we’d like. It’s only a matter of seconds between kills, with Skadoodle popping out and popping heads in a blink of an eye. Crazy stuff.

Get_Right’s rapid fire ace

Another sniper-based ace, this time from Ninja In Pyjamas’ Get_Right - who barely even moves to score his five kills on Na’vi at MLG Columbus. Part of the play here comes from great positioning and expectation, with Get_Right sitting in exactly the right place to claim those kills. But the split-second reactions needed to kill all five players of Na’vi in such a small window takes a lot of practice, though it wasn’t enough to help get NiP into the finals.

A falling noscope by S1mple

Dennis and KRiMZ didn’t really have a chance with this quick play, which sees S1mple achieve a couple of impossible shots - beginning with a noscope while falling from the platform above. It’s the speed of the moment that really stands out, taking out Dennis without a thought before glancing up as soon as he lands to plant a bullet in KRiMZ like a cowboy at high noon. It’s thoughtless, and happens on instinct. Winning the round with such a smooth play is something that cannot be planned, but earned.

Fallen’s clutch round against Na’vi

This is one of those rounds that will stick in the memory for a long time, a defensive clutch that somehow stays in Luminosity’s favour even after Fallen’s incredible play. In defending the bomb, Fallen manages to pull off two incredible kills that can barely even been spotted when you’re watching for them, let alone when it happens. Most exciting was the chase that followed, and while Fallen is ultimately put to bed Na’vi just don’t have the time to trek back to the bomb, the distraction acting as enough to win the round even after all of LG is down.