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Betway announced as sponsor for the FACEIT London Major

Betway has been announced as a sponsor for the upcoming FACEIT Major in London. This sponsorship is only the latest development in Betway's growing involvement in CS:GO. They already back multiple ESL tournaments in the game taking place throughout 2018 and are currently partnered with Swedish esports organisation Ninjas In Pyjamas. Very recently, they signed a deal to become a founding sponsor of Brazilian esports brand MIBR. Betway’s Anthony Werkman, said: “We are thrilled to be sponsoring the FACEIT Major. The UK is full of very passionate CS:GO fans, and we are extremely excited to be involved. It will undoubtedly be the UK’s most impactful esports event of all time. FACEIT is an important part of the esports community, and we couldn’t be happier to support them in the creation of this iconic event. “Having Betway’s support is extremely exciting for us,” said Michele Attisani, FACEIT Co-Founder & CBO. “The Major is the biggest esports event the UK has ever seen. It’s essential we work with industry leading partners like Betway to deliver an unforgettable tournament that will set a new standard for esports events in the UK.”