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CS:GO - Dust2 Taken Out From Official Play

Counter-Strike's most fabled and storied maps, perhaps even one of the most famous maps of multiplayer gaming history, has been removed from the Active Duty playlist, Valve has announced. As part of the recent CS:GO patch, Valve revealed that Dust2 has been taken out of the official Active Duty Group and placed in reserves, replaced by Inferno. Valve hasn't explained why it has removed the iconic map from play and, while it will still be accessible for players of the game, it's unlikely we'll see it any more in competitive play. Despite the fact that no explanation was given, this is a common from Valve as it removes games from official play pending a rework or update to the map. The map that is replacing Dust2, Inferno, was taken out of play last year and since October 2016 was rereleased with a map update. With Inferno now being added to the Active Duty Group, it's likely we'll start seeing the tweaked map returning to competitive play. This likely means Dust2 is about to get the same treatment. Since it is so popular, it's unlikely that the map will be banished forever and, perhaps following its update, we'll likely see the map return later in the year. It will be hard to predict how this might affect the game's state as an esport, however, since the map is so prevalent throughout every aspect of the game. And let's not forget, a large number of CS:GO teams rely on this map, it being their strongest map and often picking it when they can. The likes of SK Gaming, Fnatic and G2 Esports are known for their fondness of the map, and could find themselves struggling with its absence. Valve also included a handful of changes in the patch, changing the way graffiti was applied and a handful of bugs fixes to specific maps - primarily around the focus of C4 getting stuck.